About 20 Zika cases confirmed in Bangkokthai


About 20 Zika cases confirmed in Bangkok

About 20 cases of Zika virus infection have been confirmed in Bangkok, but none of them have shown any symptoms of sickness, said Dr Wanthanee Wattana, deputy city clerk of Bangkok Metropolitan Administration.

All of the cases have been placed under watch for a 30-day period of time to ensure that they will not fall sick and have been asked to confine themselves to home so as not to spread the virus.

Meanwhile, a pregnant woman in Sathorn area who was diagnosed of being infected with Zika virus and fell sick has given birth to a baby and both the mother and the child are doing well, said Dr Wanthanee.

It was suspected that the woman who was 37-week pregnant contracted the viruss from her husband who returned recently from Singapore.

The deputy city clerk insisted that, so far, no one had died of Zika virus in Thailand and she pleaded with members of the public not to be overly panicked and to eradicate breeding grounds for mosquito larvae in the compound of their houses.