17 French tourists injured in road accident


Seventeen French tourists were injured when a tour coach in which they were travelling climbed on a road island and flipped to one side after avoiding crashing into a ten-wheel truck.


The accident took place on the highway in Khao Yoi district of Petchaburi province as the coach of CRV Transport Company was heading toward the Regent hotel in Cha-am district with a group of 30 French tourists and a tour guide from Bangkok.

The coach driver, Chairat Srisilp, told Kha Yoi district police that he was driving on the right side of the traffic lane when out of a sudden the truck which was travelling ahead of his coach on another lane switched to his lane.

He said he instinctively turned the steering wheel to avoid hitting the truck causing his own coach to plough onto the road island and flip to one side.