138 citizens returned from Wuhan – Where are they?


BANGKOK  – Although 3 Thai citizens missed the flight to return from Wuhan, 138 arrived in Thailand safe and sound on 4 Feb.

– 3 were not allowed to board the plane. // 2 have had a fever. // 1 has had visa issues.

– 138 returnees are being quarantined at a naval base near the U-Tapao International Airport. // 6 were found with fever and sent to a hospital for tests and treatment.

The standard procedures the returnees have had to walk through before they go home :

– The thermo scans at the airport located inside the navy base and the health checkup at the designated hospital (6 were detected with slightly-high body temperatures. Among them, 4 have remained in hospital and 2 were discharged and returned to the quarantine facility.)

– The quarantine at a controlled facility for at least 14 days (with psychiatrists to monitor their mental health) // Relatives of the returnees can contact them through video calls. // The returnees are provided with a controlled leisure area where they can relax during this quarantine period.

Expected date to receive clearance and go home : 19 February, 09.00 AM.