11-month cross border trade surpasses 1.33 trillion baht


The Department of Foreign Trade announced that total cross-border trade and commerce along Thailand’s borders for the first 11 months of 2016 was in excess of 1.33 trillion Baht.


This represents a 1.2% increase and the department estimates that the total figure for the entire year will amount to 1.47 trillion Baht, a total increase of 2.8%, according to Mr Adul Chottinisakorn, the deputy director-general of the department.

He said although this figure is bellow the official projection of 1.7 trillion baht, it is still within acceptable limits and was certainly better than the current global trade situation.

He stated that he was confident that 2017’s cross-border trade and commerce will be able to grow by no less than 2 – 3%.