Hot high-season for The Riviera


Whilst Pattaya’s real estate market remains questionably under the spotlight, The Riviera at Wongamat Beach seems to have ignored all caution and stormed ahead.

Winston Gale, developer of The Riviera told Pattaya Mail, “This high-season since December, we are pleased to state that we have sold over THB 800 million worth of units in the project, mostly to single buyers and not bulk investors, and so are delighted at the response from both Thai and foreign buyers alike.”

The Riviera was originally launched just 4 months ago and has since seen sales of over THB 2.3 billion out of the expected THB 3.5 billion total project value.

The luxury showroom located in Soi 16, Wongamat opened last November and made an immediate impact on the local real estate market.  It’s reported 50 million baht cost was, according to Winston, “designed to create a new level of showroom vision for the consumer.”

A CBRE senior spokesperson said, “This extremely quick level of sales shows that given a very well thought out product, a desirable location coupled with heavy showroom investment by the developer, there are still many investors and individuals that see Pattaya’s ongoing desirability.”

According to Winston at the time of interview, sales had reached a staggering “70% since starting in October” and had also seen heavy numbers of these sales generated by many local real estate agents.

The twin-tower development is anticipated to be a landmark project when it completes in 2017.  The Riviera follows the Thailand Property Award winning The Palm, that is due for completion in 2015 and which Winston co-developed.

For more information on The Riviera, call the sales team on 092-269-1840

Winston & Sukanya Gale at The Rivera, Wongamat.Winston & Sukanya Gale at The Rivera, Wongamat.