5555 – A lucky number for Atlantis owners


In Thai the number five is pronounced ‘ha’, so 5555 should be a good omen for a lot of fun at the Atlantis ‘1 Million Baht Give Away Party’, which is scheduled for 5th May 2555, (2012) – 2555, being the Thai calendar year.

Anyone who knows both Thai and Chinese culture will understand the importance of dates to people from this part of the world, who very often organize business meetings, product launches and even deliveries around the lucky days according to the advice from monks and the stars etc.

So it comes as no surprise that with the Atlantis project due to begin building in May, and the sales almost completed by then, that this day, 5th May, was chosen to celebrate with a lavish party at Centara Grand Mirage Resort.

Everyone who buys a unit in Atlantis before the 5th May 2012 will have a chance of winning one of the great prizes on offer, the main prize being a Ford Fiesta Sport Special Edition, worth 720,000 baht.  There are also three different Honda motorbikes, some Apple iPads, Samsung flat screen TV’s, gift vouches to use at Centara Grand Mirage Resort, and quality bottles of wine to be won.

Atlantis developers, Blue Sky have promised a great evening with the fun beginning at Centara at about 7 p.m.  There will be entertainment and music provided throughout the evening.

Atlantis Condo Resort Pattaya sales office opened in October 2011 and over 900 of the 1,038 units have been sold in just 6 months.  The initial construction starts in April with the first of the concrete foundations due to be going in during May.

Spokesman for the project, Marketing Manager, Charlie Warner said, “A combination of good location close to the beach, together with amazing onsite facilities, excellent design and competitive pricing and payment plans has made this project a very attractive proposition for both Thai and foreign buyers”.

Atlantis unit prices start from 1.3 million baht for 34.5sqm one bedroom units, up to 4.9 million for a 69sqm, 2 bedroom unit; all fully furnished.  Facilities include a lagoon swimming pool featuring a full size wooden galleon that is the clubhouse and sundeck plus five Jacuzzis, waterslides, children’s submarine playground, a huge waterfall and wooden footbridge across the 2,600sqm pool.

Artist’s renderings of the Atlantis Condominium.

Artist’s renderings of the Atlantis Condominium. Artist’s renderings of the Atlantis Condominium.