Worboys wins, Wangjuntra wows


PSC golf from The Golf Club

Monday, June 11, Green Valley (White tees) – Stableford

1st Keith Worboys (14) 37pts

2nd Chaten Patel (13) 36pts

3rd Phil Smedley (12) 33pts

Mr. Keith!  Can you believe you finished on top of the heap?  It must have been when Venus crossed over the path of the Sun that made the alignment just the right conditions for a Worboys win.  That is the only plausible reason a victory of this magnitude could have ever happened.  In any event, he did it his way and Keith Worboys won with 37 points to beat Chaten Patel by one for his first win in a long time.

Phil Smedley continued his run of good consistent golf for third place with 33 points.

Greens were still a bit bumpy but rolled well enough and the rest of the course was in fine condition.  Most courses in the area will be doing some sort of maintenance this time of the year, a necessary evil but it obviously must be done.  See you here next Monday.

Tuesday, June 12, Laem Chabang (White tees) – Stableford

1st Phil Page (12) 36pts

2nd Mark Wood (9) 34pts

3rd Ken Aihara (5) 31pts

We changed our normal Mon/Wed/Fri schedule this week to take advantage of the sports day currently on offer for Tuesdays.  It has been awhile since we took to the fairways (and rough) of Laem Chabang so it was good to get back to one of the best courses in Thailand.

Keith Worboys. Keith Worboys.

Since the “Siam’s” have opened, I think L.C. has felt a bit overshadowed by those flashy Siam Sisters.  It shouldn’t though, as this course ranks as one of the best around.  The sports day special every Tuesday is all the more reason to get out here now!

We were treated to the A & C nines which we found to be in great condition with greens as good as they have ever been.  Phil Page sure liked them as he was targeting the hole all day, and was the only golfer to shoot their handicap on the day.

Mark Wood was second with 34 points while the very consistent Ken Aihara took third with just 31 points- a steal if there ever was one!

Looks like a lot of the lads were a bit rusty on Jack’s track!  Get out here soon, the deal will last for a few more months.

Friday, June 15, Wangjuntra (White tees) – 4-Man Scramble

There needs to be a sign on the 1st tee – as they say on the Beeb – “Player discretion is advised, some golfers may find the following holes distressing”.  This is a wild and adventurous golf experience that is not for the faint hearted, with extreme elevation changes, massive greens and spectacular views of the distant mountain ranges.  There is a lot of nature out there!  This was going to be a fun day of golf, and we were not disappointed.  For the record, it is pronounced “Wanjan” as our Thai/American buddy Kris K. tells us.

Jerry Hughes, Steve Little, Jez Lees & Mark Wood. Jerry Hughes, Steve Little, Jez Lees & Mark Wood.

We had 32 hardy souls track out the 90 minute ride out there, meeting up with the Soi Dao lads coming back from Jez Lees birthday tour.  Long Drive specialist Mikey “Muscles” Craighead pipped both Bob Newell and Mark Wood on the Soi Dao 11th by hammering cannons past them both.  Not bad for a 78 year old geezah!

A well attended outing like this is always loads of fun, and the 4-man scramble event was the correct format at this difficult track.  Yes, there were a few teams that had to resort to alcohol to deal with the peculiarities of a course like this, I am afraid to report.  Let’s hope we never have to witness behavior like this again, at least until we visit again next month.

Even by scramble standards, 58 is a damn good score at this course.  A big round of applause please to the English-Irish-Scottish foursome of Jez Lees, Mark Wood, Jerry Hughes & Steve Little for putting together a smashing 58 on the day!  It was Mark’s 4th day of golf in a row, well played pal!  You all have done us proud to tame this monster for just a wee bit, for just a wee round.

Note:  The Golf Club is located on Soi LK Metro.  We play on Monday, Wednesday and Friday so come join us for a seriously fun day out.  Just call 085 434 3377 or see our website www.golfclub pattaya.com and for more information mail us: pattaya4 [email protected] and see updates at www.facebook.com/golfclubpattaya