Woollett wallops the field at Burapha


PSC golf from The Outback Golf Bar

Monday, Feb. 27, Burapha – Stableford

Twenty-four players teed off at Burapha on the A & B nines on Monday from the blue tees.  There were quite a number of new faces, including Glen Hendriksen, Lynne Parry & Steve Croy and a special welcome to them.

The handicap enhancements using the slope system, threw up some high scoring, particularly for Woolly, who picked up 44pts playing off 28 (5 over his Index) but even so, an exceptionally good round of golf; Graham will be able to look forward to an index of 19.9 next time out.  Second in Div B was the flamboyant, Greg Ritchie (37) with three more tied on 35, led by Kim Payne.

Ron Dickie celebrates his Ace, achieved with a wedge on the 4th hole at Green Valley. Ron Dickie celebrates his Ace, achieved with a wedge on the 4th hole at Green Valley.

Jim Williams (38) won Div A from Mr. Consistency here at Burapha, John Cunningham (36) who beat Sel Wegner, finding a bit a form at last, with the same score.

There were three ‘2’s; two from John Cunningham on holes 3 and 12 and another one on hole 12 from Andy Monroe.

Div A (0-17)

1st Jim Williams (9/Hi6.5) 38pts

2nd John Cunningham (8/Hi5.8) 36pts

3rd Sel Wegner (17/Hi13.5) 36pts

Div B (18+)

1st Graham Woollett (28/Hi23.1) 44pts

2nd Greg Ritchie (25/Hi20.2) 37pts

3rd Kim Payne (21/Hi17) 35pts

Monday, Feb. 27, Khao Kheow – Stableford

Another good turnout here with 29 Outbackers giving the C & B nines their best shot.  However, as usual the scoring is never as stellar here as it is at Burapha and it is still our belief that they got the rating and slope of the course completely wrong.

The Perth lads pose for a photo after their round at Khao Kheow on Monday.The Perth lads pose for a photo after their round at Khao Kheow on Monday.

We were joined by another eight guys from Perth who enjoyed considerable success at the end of the day at presentation time back at the Outback.  Dayle Hoek (36) won Div A ahead of Trevor Turner on count back with Ron Dickie in third and Dave Palmer fourth whilst Div B was won by another one of the group, Gary Arthur, who shot the best of the day, 39pts.  Mark Kembrey back on one of his regular R & R’s, yet rare rounds of golf did very well to score 37 and take second place, from a surprised Suzi, four shots adrift back in third.

There were only two ‘2’s, both on the Island Green (B8), from Dave Palmer & Paul Greenaway.

Div A (0-16)

1st Dayle Hoek (12/Hi11.5) 36pts

2nd Trevor Turner (12/Hi11.1) 36pts

3rd Ron Dickie (8/Hi7.5) 35pts

Div B (17+)

1st Gary Arthur (18/Hi16.5) 39pts

2nd Mark Kembrey (20/Hi19.2) 37pts

3rd Suzi Lawton (17/Hi18.5) 33pts

Tuesday, Feb. 28, Pattaya C.C. – Stableford

Twenty Outbackers arrived to find a very busy clubhouse, however we got away fairly soon after our time for what was to be a reasonably timed round, with fine weather and the course in just about a satisfactory state.

Today we welcomed back, after a lay-off of over six weeks, our ‘Chad’, Barry Chadbourn playing off a slightly revised handicap as agreed by PSC Golf Chairman, Joe and General Jack, and he (Chad) received a big cheer when the results were announced by Capt. Bob as he was in second place in ‘B’ division.

We also welcomed two annual visitors from Australia, John Burns and Dave Thomson who first heard about the Outback when they bumped into Rosco (who could miss him!) at the Johnnie Walker Classic in Perth in 2009.

David Earthrowl (19) had son Tom keeping an eye on dad, as David won Division ‘A’ with 39 points!  Runner-up was the now former caddy, Noy Kamsantia (20) with 34 points and in third was the ‘Turnip’ Dennis Persson (17) on 33 points, with the final place going to the ‘stunning’ John Lawton (19) with 29.

Regular campaigner, Jim Payne (24) led ‘B’ flight with 34 points gaining first place on count back over Barry Chadbourn (25), with third and fourth place being decided in similar fashion as both Laong Gatepratum (24) and Phompinmon Seesa (30) had 33 points, with Laong getting the decision.

Div A (0-23)

1st Noy Kamsantia (20/Hi19.9) 34pts

2nd Dennis Persson (17/Hi18.5) 33pts

3rd John Lawton (19/Hi19.7) 29pts

Div B (24+)

1st Jim Payne (24/Hi24.8) 34pts

2nd Barry Chadbourn (25/Hi26) 34pts

3rd Laong Gatepratum (24/Hi23.1) 33pts

There were 28 players at Plutaluang on Thursday and a further 53 at Green Valley the following day but unfortunately no reports of either outing although the winners are listed below.  One significant achievement was the hole in one recorded by Ron Dickie at Green Valley on Friday.  Well done Ron!

Thursday, March 1, Plutaluang E & S – Stableford

Div A (0-12)

1st Owen Walkley (11/Hi10.5) 40pts

2nd Ranay Singh (11) 33pts

3rd Matt Timbrell (11/Hi10.6) 32pts

Div B (13-17)

1st Gary Arthur (17/Hi15.6) 45pts

2nd Billy Britton (16/Hi15.3) 35pts

3rd Conor Doyle (13/Hi12.7) 34pts

Div C (18+)

1st Darragh McCormack (32/Hi28.6) 40pts

2nd Geoff Bracegirdle (20/Hi18.3) 38pts

3rd Kim Crijns (24/Hi21) 34pts

Friday, March 2, Green Valley – Stableford

Div A (0-10)

1st, Jim Brackett (6/Hi6.9) 39pts

2nd Glen Hendriksen (9/Hi9.8) 39pts

3rd John Cunningham (5/Hi5.8) 33pts

Div B (11-15)

1st Murray Hart (13/Hi13.8) 34pts

2nd John Burns (15/Hi15.2) 34pts

3rd Keith Buchanan (11/Hi11.6) 33pts

Div C (16-20)

1st Sugar Ray Handford (18/Hi17.8) 37pts

2nd Martin Crichton (16/Hi15.9) 36pts

3rd Kevin Hamilton (18/Hi17.8) 35pts

Div D (21+)

1st Dino Binlusimoen (25/Hi24) 42pts

2nd Doug Douglas (23/Hi22.1) 29pts

3rd Andy Goodwin (21) 28pts

Note:  The Outback Golf Bar is situated about 6km from Sukhumvit Road along Soi Siam Country.  All are welcome to come and join us for a beer and a hit.  Just call in and put your name down on the list or give Bob a call on 087 941 2474.