Willem doubles up


PSC Golf from Mulligans Lakeside

In a week of contrasting courses, Tuesday, Sept. 11 was a visit to Pattana, with the C & A combination at just over 6700 yds from the white tees being our allotted test.  Pattana is one of the higher echelon of courses available at a reasonable price, with a spectacular clubhouse & amenities, and a course presented in good order.

Willem Lasonder (22) got his week off to a good start with a solid 36 points, followed in by Jeff Wylie (5) with 34 points.  Near pin prizes were shared between Jeff & Clive.

Willem Lasonder. Willem Lasonder.

Thursday we were at the lower end of the scale (clubhouse & amenities wise) with a trip down the access road, which is in shocking condition, to Century Chonburi.  Despite the lack of facilities, the course is eminently playable and represents top notch value combined with a more than adequate course.

Again it was Willem (22) leading the way, this time with a superb 40 points, which could easily have been more according to reports from group members.  It was made all the sweeter for Willem as he once again got the better of Jeff (5) who managed his way around for 36 hard won points.

Willem & Jeff (with 2) also showed the way in the near pins, converting all for birdie 2s, while Jonathan claimed the other, but no 2.

Note:  Mulligans Lakeside plays golf generally on Tuesday & Thursday, with ML hosting prompt presentations on both days.  Call 089 094 1841 for scheduling or enquiries.  Hope to see you there, cheers & good golfing!