Wilkinson gets the winning feeling


Travellers Rest Golf Group

They have returned in their hordes, the golfers of the world this week descended on Pattaya in their hundreds and a good proportion found their way to the Travellers Rest where they received a very warm welcome.  So I have to start with an apology as this week’s report resembles “War and Peace”.  My goodness, the bar we call home must have equaled their year’s takings in one day on Thursday this week, I have never seen so many people all trying to get a drink, the staff were run off their feet but I have to say the cordial atmosphere was just great and long may it last.

Monday, Nov. 16, Khao Kheow – Stableford

On Monday the mass migration of golfers headed up to Khao Kheow (A and B courses) to do battle and two divisions were required.

Ian Bell.

In Division 1, Scotsman Ian Bell wasted no time in reminding the rest of the field where the great game of golf originated and he held off all comers to take first place.  Rocky Jones managed to hold off Mike Rushant’s challenge to take second and third spots respectively.

In Division 2, Aussie Gary Bennett managed to hold off the challenge of a group of golfers from Hong Kong who later in the week would dominate the leaderboards.  On this day however, Mike Lam had to settle for second place and Demon Wong took third.

Div.1 (0-13)

1st Ian Bell (6) 35pts

2nd Rocky Jones (6) 33pts

3rd Mike Rushant (8) 32pts

Div.2 (14+)

1st Gary Bennett (18) 37pts

2nd Mike Lam (22) 36pts

3rd Demon Wong (18) 35pts

Tuesday, Nov. 17, Burapha – Stableford

On Tuesday another large turnout took the road to Burapha (A and B courses) which everybody seems to enjoy playing and where everybody seems to score well.  In fact this week the lowest score in Division 1 was an amazing 29 points.  The winner on the day was Neil Wilkinson who rattled in 38 points, which seems par for the course for most previous winners.

Neil Wilkinson.

Second place Mike Rushant is obviously having a bad week as the little maestro actually didn’t win this week and had to settle for a second and third place.  Maybe the Mighty Handicapper has caught up with the little rascal at last and about time some would say.  Rocky Jones had another good day and took third place.

In Division 2, the aforementioned Hong Kong boys started their takeover by filling the top two places.  Mike Lam took the honours with 38 points with, I believe his brother, Gary Lam finishing second.  Gary Bennett had another good round to take third place.

Div.1 (0-13)

1st Neil Wilkinson (12) 38pts

2nd Mike Rushant (8) 35pts

3rd Rocky Jones (6) 34pts

Div. 2 (14+)

1st Mike Lam (22) 38pts

2nd Gary Lam (24) 36pts

3rd Gary Bennett (17) 33pts

Thursday, Nov. 19, Green Valley – Stableford

The TRGG took over 40 golfers to Green Valley on Thursday and for the first time this High Season three divisions were called for.

In Division 1, Chris Morton just pipped Rocky Jones on count back with both finishing on 38 pts.  Neill Bramley took third place.

Michael Law.

In Division 2 it was the old guys battling it out as Charlie Cox managed to out-sprint Fergus Brennan to the finishing line as they took first and second respectively, with the somewhat younger Gary Bennett taking third place.  “Age before beauty” was it Gary?

It was the Lam show again for the second competition in a row in Division 3, with Mike Lam again getting the better of brother Gary, but this time it took a count back to decide the result.  Alan Morgan was some way behind but managed to stroll home in third place.

Div.1 (0-12)

1st Chris Morton (12) 38pts

2nd Rocky Jones (6) 38pts

3rd Neill Bramley (8) 36pts

Div. 2 (13–17)

1st Charlie Cox (14) 37pts

2nd Fergus Brennan (15) 34pts

3rd Gary Bennett (17) 34pts

Div.3 (18+)

1st Mike Lam (21) 38pts

2nd Gary Lam (24) 38pts

3rd Alan Morgan (31) 32pts

Friday, Nov. 20, Pattavia – Stableford

On Friday, again two divisions were required at Pattavia Century.  In Division 1 Neil Wilkinson managed his second win of the week, with Alex Chao taking second and Ian Bell third.

In Division 2 the Hong Kong boys were at it again: Demon Wong finished in leader position, with Gary Lam again in the frame taking second place and Geoff Beckett finishing third.

Div.1 (0-14)

1st Neil Wilkinson (12) 38pts

2nd Alex Chao (8) 37pts

3rd Ian Bell (6) 36pts

Div.2 (15+)

1st Demon Wong (18) 36pts

2nd Gary Lam (21) 31pts

3rd Geoff Beckett (28) 30pts

Saturday, Nov. 21, Crystal Bay – Stableford

The week drew to a very slow conclusion on Saturday (and I mean very slow) at Crystal Bay.  With the B course closed for renovation the powers that be at Crystal Bay packed the other the other two nines with unbelievable numbers of the slowest golfers on the planet.  As a result, a six hour round of golf became the order of the day with course marshalls conspicuous by their absence to hurry things along.  We all thought we had aged a hundred years by the time we all finished with darkness rapidly descending, which is a shame as we all like the course.

Michael Law managed to stay awake the longest and took first place with the ever-patient Ian Bell in second and the even more patient Andy Rich (me) in third.

1st Michael Law (17) 35pts

2nd Ian Bell (6) 34pts

3rd Andy Rich (17) 34pts

Good luck to all you golfers for the coming week and if you would like to play a round of golf with the TRGG, please phone Derek Thorogood on 080 673 3118 or pop into the Ned Kelly Bar in Soi Lengkee and add your name to the weekly lists which are posted on the notice board.