West makes short work of Greenwood


PSC golf from Tropical Bert’s

Tuesday, August 20, Greenwood – Stableford

I personally had not been here for a few months so I was interested to see how it was getting on, seeing as many of the other courses are now showing signs of wear and some are recovering well.  

It is a fair drive to this course, but then I was not driving so who cares!  I was even able to relax, as well as one who goes with Mashi can and the journey passed in a flash, or maybe that was the flash of fear.  Joking apart I did ask if Mashi was getting old as he made none of his normal short cut detours.  We still had the way back to go mind, but I have a way to fix that, I sleep.

Tuesday flight winners - Mark West & George BayleyTuesday flight winners – Mark West & George Bayley

On arrival it was noticeable that the car park was fairly empty and we were soon out to the first tee where we found the test for the day was to be the A&C Nines.

Onto the course and I have to say I thought it was in fine condition.  The grass on the fairways was a bit long but hit the fairway and you usually got a good lie.  I say usually because I did manage to find a couple of divots and not many fairways, but such is golf.

The greens were a good test and the rough was as rough should be – difficult to get out of.  All in all a fair test and we did not have to use ‘lift, clean and place’ rule as the ball behaved with the grass and little mud was apparent.  We did however have a strong wind.

In the A Flight the winner was Mark West with 41 points ahead of a count back between a couple of our ‘learner golfers’, namely Watson and Scott on 36 points, that saw Bob in second and Max in third.

In the B Flight the winner was George Bayley with 36 points ahead of Barry Elphick in second with 34 points and Charlie Sykes in third with 33 on count back over Barry Oates.

Near Pins:  Dave Arrowsmith, George Bayley

Friday, August 23, Treasure Hill – Stableford

For the second time in the week the ‘boys’ went up the 331, but not quite as far as Tuesday.  It’s usually a good day out here but on this day the course was not in the best of condition as 5 holes were undergoing major renovation work.  Around the greens there were large areas of GUR and it was not a pretty sight to a golfer.

Friday’s top two - Bob Watson & Barry Elphick.Friday’s top two – Bob Watson & Barry Elphick.

The rest of the course was in reasonable condition and the greens were in their normal shape, but this was definitely a day to stop in bed and give the golf a miss.  Suffice to say the ‘boys’ were not as happy as they had been at Greenwood on Tuesday, and I am given to understand that there will be more fairways under repair when these recover.

Back at Bert’s it was soon time for the results.  The winner was that up and coming golfer Bob Watson with 34 points.  In second place was Barry Elphick with 32 points and in third was Anders Pederson, also with 32 but losing the count back.  T.T.F.N.

Near Pins:  Barry Elphick, George Bayley, Anders Pederson, Barry Oats.