Watson puts on a show at Emerald


PSC golf from Tropical Bert’s

Tuesday, July 2, Khao Kheow – Stableford

Another very quiet day for numbers on the golf course resulted in one of the easiest days for the organiser.  While it is good in the high season to have our returning friends from around the world, it is really good during the low season to just have a few groups who play with us week in and week out.  It is also easier to run with a dozen than with fifty.  Oh happy days!

On this day with only just 4 groups we were off to Khao Kheow, normal trip down the 7, and on arrival noticed how quiet it was.  Soon onto A1, we took the advice of the Starter, that it had not rained for a few days and the course had dried out.  Well not quite right, as the mud gathered on the ball was frequent and often.  Still, it was a good ‘walk’ around for those of us in carts.  Those really walking started to struggle as the heat rose and the wind dropped.  The wind was up for the A Nine but dropped for the C Nine.

Bob Watson with Daryl Evans.Bob Watson with Daryl Evans.

We battled on and finally got around.  Then it was into the shower and then up to the restaurant.  I say up as when you have been around the course, the steps can be difficult to climb for the ‘Goldie Oldies’.

Back at Bert’s, with a smaller group, it was soon time for the results.  The winner with 35 points was Barry Elphick ahead of Mark West in second with 34 points.  In third was Henry O’Brien with 32 points with Max Bracegirdle in fourth with 31.  We then went into fifth and Mashi won a count back over John Hackett, both on 29 points.  This all tells you what a tough day it was and how bad the rest played.

Friday, July 5, The Emerald – Stableford

We seem to be getting a better quality of golfer lately.  I said ‘seem to’ as we can now book The Emerald and usually get most of the players going straight back to Bert’s.  Probably we are all getting too old and await the high season players with different thoughts.

Barry Elphick.Barry Elphick.

So to the Emerald, well it was pretty good, the greens were a bit slow and for some reason nearly all the fairways had a patch down the middle, bit weird, but all in all not too bad.  Mind on the second, par 4, Watson did away with all the fairway bit as he drove to a foot and sank the putt for an eagle.  Smart A—!

So to the results, and welcome to the ‘Bob Watson Show’, well Bob won by shooting a gross 70 and 40 points.  Nothing much to say.  In second and much more reasonable was Daryl Evans with 39 points.  For third we had a count back on 36 points, that saw Max Bracegirdle in third and Henry O’Brien in fourth.  Eat your heart out, just think how good we all are, in our minds.  I am thinking of running two flights in future, Watson and the rest!  T.T.F.N.

Near Pins:  Bob Watson (2)