Watson master-class at Pattana


PSC golf from Tropical Bert’s

Tuesday, July 24, Pattana – Stableford

Whether you like this course or not, you have to agree that if there is a finer clubhouse in the area, we have yet to see it.  Mind, I know we are there to play golf, but set the surroundings and you will enjoy yourselves.

On this day we had a full house to play it and after our normal early meet at Bert’s, it was into the transport and ‘up the road’.  The drive up was quite pleasant, especially as I was not driving and we soon pulled into the imposing Pattana.  Also on this day it was relatively quickly through reception and a quick change saw us on the first tee.  The test for the day was to be the C & A Nines.

Tuesday’s winners and B Flight runner-up George King pose with ‘The Boss’, a.k.a. Pu. Tuesday’s winners and B Flight runner-up George King pose with ‘The Boss’, a.k.a. Pu.

It was nice to play the C Nine as we have not played it for some time and it was in fine condition, if still providing a tough start.  The wind was strong on this day, fine if behind you but difficult to hit into.  The fairways were also in good shape and the rough not too punishing.  However the greens were a bit on the slow side, but they will get faster.

Into the A Nine and not only did the wind seem to pick up, but we got a fait bit of rain.  But really it was a fine day if you did not get too wet.

Round over it was into the fine changing room, and then a search for a place to sit and have a drink.  Soft that is.  With the restaurant upstairs closed we went to the little shop by the changing rooms.  Not too bad but a bit basic and try to do the results and you have to go outside to find a table big enough.  It was here as I tabulated results that I realised that the score card here is the worst of any course if you need to work with them.

Back at Bert’s it was soon time for the results:  In the A Flight, 0 to 19, we had Bob Watson again showing he knows how the play the game.  Bob won with 39 points, which translates into a gross 73, as the A Nine has a par 6.  We then had a two-way count back on 36 points that saw Mike O’Brien in second and Brian Parish in third.

In the B Flight, Joel Flor returned to form and won with 39 points.  In second was George King with 37 points and in third was Henry Wong with 34.

Near Pins went to Bob Watson (2), Max Scott and George King.