Watson doubles up as the scribe takes monthly honours


PSC golf from Tropical Bert’s

Wednesday, May 2, Khao Kheow – Stableford

Is it really hot at present or is it just old age catching up?  I certainly do not seem to remember it being this hot for a number of years, and it was brought home to me when one of our regular players (who walks the courses) said he was going to take the month off as it was too hot.

Still on this morning we still had a good turnout at Bert’s for our trip to Khao Kheow and it was nice to see that the present worry about the exchange rate did not stop two of our players turning up in their new cars.  It is nice to have ‘Rich’ friends.

Dick Warberg, left, presents the MBMG ‘golfer of the month’ award to Derek Brook.  Dick Warberg, left, presents the MBMG ‘golfer of the month’ award to Derek Brook.

Once there we were soon booked in and onto the first tee.  The test for the day was to be the A & C Nines and for me this is the hardest 18 holes here.  We were away on time and in the next 18 holes we were able to move at our own pace, although as we came to the last few holes we could see the groups ahead.

The group behind, one of our own with all players walking, struggled a little in the heat and let the group behind them through as the players all had carts.  Yes it was hot, however towards the end of the round the storm clouds gathered and we had some rain drops with lightning in the distance, however it circled the course and we were able to get in dry.

The course itself was as one expects Khao Kheow to be, except after the hard ‘High Season’ usage there is some wear and at this time of the year it is time for the course to recover.  The greens were still fast and tricky and the rough as difficult to get out of as usual.  So soon around it was into the showers and up to the restaurant for a bite and a cold drink before we hit the road back.

Back at Bert’s we went into the presentation and the winner with a fine 41 points, and a gross 71 was Bob Watson, fine golf indeed.  He was followed by Max Scott who shot 36 points in second, in third was Dick Warberg with 35 points and in fourth was Alan Sullivan with 33.

We then had the MBMG Golfer of the Month presentation and it was good news for the scribe as the MBMG Golfer of The Month was yours truly, Derek Brook.  Didn’t I do well!  Just lucky that Mashi had a bad leg!

Near Pins:  Max Scott (2), Alan Sullivan, Brian Parrish

Friday, May 4,Treasure Hill – Stableford

Another long drive out to this course that was only spoilt for the scribe when the bus in front did not have its engine cover on and what seemed a bolt from the engine compartment slowly arched through the air, to the car, to bounce off the windscreen.  One of the joys in life here on the roads – pointless taking the bus’s number, just grin and bear it.

So book in and off we go.  I thought the course was in quite good condition; mind it was a bit windy so we visited to the rough a lot.  The greens were in reasonable condition so you had to be careful but all in all at the present time this is a course well worth a visit.

Soon around it was time for a cold shower before getting into the cars for the drive back.  One of the problems of the ‘bounce off the windscreen’ bit is that you can see it all the way back, still in the way these things happen we had quite a good and quiet drive back and were soon at Bert’s.

After the ‘Golfers Special’ we were soon into the presentation which had a ring of normality, so as you have seen photos of them all, I didn’t take one.  So the winner with a great 40 points, and gross 72, was Bob Watson at his best.  In second was Mike Gaussa with 36 points and in third was Brian Parish with 35 points.

Near Pins:  Mike Gaussa, Max Scott, Andre Van Dyke, Mike O’Brien