Warberg shoots 43-pointer at Pleasant Valley


PSC golf from Tropical Bert’s

Tuesday, April 3, Khao Kheow – Stableford

There are no courses here that everyone likes, all have their favourites.  Some like the open layouts so they can get the drive away, hit the ball, find it and hit it again.  Some like courses where they must plan every shot, while some prefer ones that do not charge too much.

I reckon this course pretty much covers the lot, although it has to be said it veers towards the planning every shot area.  There is no doubt it is tough, but most holes you can hit the ball and find it, but many you have to think.  Something for everyone!  You nearly also always get a fair level lie, and even the green fee is reasonable if you play with PSC.

Tuesday’s top three with one of Bert’s finest.Tuesday’s top three with one of Bert’s finest.

This is essentially a thinker’s course though, with water, designed by Pete Dye, and it is probably one of the most difficult around, but hit long and straight and it can be rewarding.

On this day the course was fairly quiet and we were able to get away a little early.  We got the three-balls away first and they got around fast without being held up, while the four-balls did the best they could to keep up.  The course was in its normal fine condition, tough and fast but fair.

The day was hot and humid with no wind, all the players suffered but at least it saved going into the sauna.  We battled on and late in the round a breeze came up that made the day really perfect.  Great course and a great day!

Thursday’s winners with a member of Bert’s staff.Thursday’s winners with a member of Bert’s staff.

Back at Bert’s it was into Bert’s ‘Golfers Special’ and then into the presentation.  We had one flight and the good thing was that with some really good golfers who shot a gross 72 and 73 we proved the course was playable if you gave it some thought.

In first place with 39 points was Bob Lindborg, ahead of Bob Watson who shot 38 points and a gross 73.  In third place we had a count back on 36 points where your correspondent won over Dave Hutchinson and his gross 72.  Clever this golf.  In fifth was Mashi Kaneta with 30 points proving that somehow he always slips in.  Great day over we had a couple of ‘cold one’s’.

Near Pins:  Derek Brook (2), Bob Watson, Alan Sullivan

Thursday, April 5, Pleasant Valley – Stableford

It made a change to play on a Thursday, and this was due to the fact that Friday was a Holiday.  Come to think on it, we will do the same next week when Friday the 13th – a good day for a Holiday and also the start of the annual ‘Pattaya migration’.  It is also the start of my incarceration as I will not be going out for a week without my car.

I am reliably informed that in Kanchanaburi the prices go up for this week and in the Philippines the bars advertise to collect refugees from Pattaya.  I used to go up to ‘The Village’ for this week, where the period is treated with great respect, but I came back one year a day early, turned into Banglamung, and it took 5 hours to get from there to the Dolphin Roundabout.

We will suspend golf from 13th to the 20th.  Getting soaked for a couple of days can be fun, but for 8 days it is a pain.

Back to the golf, and on this day we had a reduced turnout due to other outlets also playing Friday and people leaving town early.  However we still had enough players to go to this course.  The day was hot and humid but we soon got there and signed in, then we were directed to the 10th Tee where we were told we could get underway.

Three-balls away first, we were going at a fair pace and we were not held up, so someone there knows what he is doing.  The course was not in bad condition, fairways were a little used but lush, however the greens are well used but even so were quite fast.  One thing you know is that on this course you have to score big to win, and some were sure to.

It had rained heavily here and the carts were not allowed on the fairway, in fact we also had a period of refreshing rain.  Usually when this occurs we use ‘lift, clean and place’.  Surprisingly it has been so long since we needed to use it we all forgot.

It was also noticed that all the markers had been removed from the hazards and as you can imagine this caused great confusion.  Some did not even notice and obviously they played well.  Some had no clue what to do, says it all.

Back at Bert’s it was soon time for the results.  The winner with 43 fine points was Dick Warberg, beating a fine round and 42 points by Brian Parish.  In third was Mike Gaussa with 39 points and in fourth was Henry O’Brien with 38 points.  We then enjoyed a ‘happy couple of Hours’.  T.T.F.N.

Near Pins:  Tom Cotton, Mashi Kaneta, Daryl Evans, Don Carmody