The ‘Big Ones’ finally bite


Sea Fishing with KPK Food Services Ltd.

Mixed fortunes this week me hearties!  On Thursday 29th March my golfing mate Goort Gelten and his friends chartered the boat for the day, and although it was a beautiful day with calm seas the biggies managed to elude our baits.  Nevertheless the whole day went smoothly and everyone took home some supper and freezer supplies for the future.

Onto Saturday 31st March and the story was somewhat different.  The seas were calm again and the wind was a little less blowy.  This meant that we could go further out into the ocean without being rocked all over the place.

Andy Mennuir with his catch of the day. Andy Mennuir with his catch of the day.

I am happy to report the biggies came our way at last.  As the photo depicts, Andy Mennuir caught a beautiful Pompano.  Shortly after we also landed a five foot shark, however it has to be said they are not great eating for the farang!

Next scheduled trip is for the 14th April 2012 and there may be a couple of spaces available.  Call me on 087 091 7565 if you are interested in more information.

Happy hooking!