Walter Webber records maiden hole-in-one


Jomtien Golf with the IPGC

Monday, March 26, Khao Kheow – Stableford

Our first outing here for over eight months and with a 10.34 tee off we arrived and were allocated the C and B courses.  The starter then informed us we could tee off 50 minutes ahead of our scheduled time.  The par 5 first on the C is not everyone’s favourite starting hole but with 38 players out today, amazingly nobody went into the water from their tee shot.

Playing off nine now, Ron Miller returned the best score in the three men’s divisions with 39 points.  Heikki Alanko was second four points behind and the Estonian lad Raivo Velsberg, with an 8 handicap, was third with 32 points.

Monday’s three division winners from Khao Kheow: Ron Miller, Dennis Scougal and Willy Van Heetvelde. Monday’s three division winners from Khao Kheow: Ron Miller, Dennis Scougal and Willy Van Heetvelde.

Willy Van Heetvelde won division 3 with 38 points ahead of Mauri Friman in second on 35 and Chris Slota, on a four week vacation from his African residence, was third with 34.

The phone box delegate topped division 2 with 34 points, well done Dennis Scougall, while Jerry McCarthy took second one point behind and Jean Morel was in third with 32 points.

Pranee Bosset won the ladies division with 30 points.

In the ‘2’s today there were no rollovers in division 1 and Heikki Alanko, Kari Kuparinen, Toni Stoltsen and Raivo Velsberg shared the pot while a rollover in division 2 ensued to Emerald on Wednesday.

Near pins went to Pranee Bosset, Heikki Alanko, Kari Kuparinen (2), Alan Pilkington, Lee Casey, Rod Howett and Jean Morel (2).

It is that time of the year again and the numbers are diminishing – after the presentation at Siam Cats it was Bon Voyage to our regulars Roar Berger, Jim Connelly, Fred Duffy, Jerry McCarthy Neville Scurrell and Harry Vincenzi, we will see you all soon!

Wednesday, March 28, The Emerald – Stableford

There were two divisions out today with no lady players (they are all in hibernation it seems).  Albert’s friend Terry Redding won division 2 with 40 points ahead of Mauri Friman in second two points behind and Wily van Heetvelde was in third on 33.

Chris Voller topped division 1 with 37 points but the main plaudits went to Walter Webber.  He stood on the 15th par three with a seven iron, his shot hits the fringe before the pin and rolled in for his first ever hole in one.  Congratulations from all of us at Jomtien Golf and the drinks were flowing when he returned to the clubhouse, many thanks Walter!  His 35 points gave him second place and Ron Miller was third with 34.

Walter took the ‘2’s pot from both divisions and also the rollover from Khao Kheow, he was a happy man.  This was our sixth hole in one since we started 5 years ago and his name will be on the shield at Siam Cats.

Apologies to Walter – at the time of sending our report in, his photo was lost in the organizer’s system, but we will try to find it and publish it next week.

Friday, March 30, Eastern Star – Stableford

Another very hot day here and the greens are still improving slightly but were still very slow compared with our rounds earlier in the week.  The cut today was 7-18 in division 1 and 20+ in division 2.

One week left before her return to the French town of Marseilles, in-form Pranee Bosset, now playing off 15, won the ladies division with 36 points.  There will be a cut before her return in September.

Frank Kelly took top podium position in division 1 with 36 points, and a warm welcome return to Peter Marsh who finished second with 34, with Ron Miller in third one point behind.

The mask has been off for a few weeks now but Paul Chabot was back in the reckoning today, winning division 2 with 35 points.  Rodney Howett was second on 34 and Yves Bosset beat Joe Kubon on a 19/16 back nine count back for third after they both returned scores of 33.

Near pins went to Pranee Bosset, Chris Voller, Yves Bosset (2), Bill Bertram and Robert Kitsunn.

There were no ‘2’s in division 1 and three rollovers in division 2 to next Friday.

Even more departures over the next few days: a goodbye to Andy Baber, back to Scotland for Dennis Scougal and Chiang Mai for Terry Redding, but we are not sure who with?