Vanderwegon victorious at Greenwood


PSC golf from Café Kronborg

Monday, Nov. 11, Eastern Star – Stableford

A Flight (0-21)

1st Lotte Boskov (17) 35pts

2nd Brian Gabe (20) 33pts

3rd Jan Lovgreen (21) 29pts

4th Arne Max Pederson (13) 28pts

B Flight (22+)

1st Ian Pickels (22) 29pts

2nd Anne Saabye (22) 29pts

3rd Daryl Evans (22) 27pts

4th Dave Richardson (27) 24pts

Near Pins:  Ronnie Ratte, Karl Beter, Jan Lovgreen, Lotte Boskov

Long Putts:  Elias Magnusson, Ian Pickels

Eastern Star was the challenge today and we got off the first tee 25 minutes early under sunny skies and in very hot, muggy conditions.  The course on the day was ok but wet (I suspect somebody forgot to shut off the sprinklers because the bunkers were bone dry).  The green fee was a bit steep though in relation to other venues in the area.

Dave Richardson (center) with Thursday’s winners Joe Vanderwegon and Niels Hansen.Dave Richardson (center) with Thursday’s winners Joe Vanderwegon and Niels Hansen.

We made it around in 4 hours and 5 minutes as the course was not busy and back in the clubhouse a welcome went out to Karl Beter from Austria, just finishing chef duties in Cebu.

Two flights today with the cut at handicap 21 and a full monty of pins but the course was the winner as the best score was Lotte Boskov’s 35 points to take the A Flight ahead of Brian Gabe, Jan Lovgreen and Arne Max Pedersen, who took fourth on a count back from Elias Magnusson. Ian Pickels was the B Flight winner on a count back from Anne Saabye in second, both with 29 points, while Daryl Evans took third and Dave Richardson fourth.

Thursday, Nov. 14, Greenwood B & C – Stabelford

A Flight (0-20)

1st Niels Hansen (16) 34 points

2nd Ole Mortensen (19) 32pts

3rd Preban Saabye (10) 32pts

4th Elias Magnusson (20) 31pts

B Flight (21+)

1st Joe Vanderwegon (24) 40pts

2nd Ronnie Ratte (30) 38pts

3rd Mike Winfield (22) 35pts

4th Anne Saabye (22) 32pts

Near Pins:  Bridgit Mortensen, Preban Saabye

Long Putts:  Joe Vanderwegon, Susan Gaarde

Greenwood was in fine condition on Thursday although the greens on the B side were a bit scratchy.  The round was quick at 3 hours and 50 minutes and back in the clubhouse welcomes went out to Dave Addison from the UK, Joe Vanderwegon from Belgium, and Bridgit and Ole Mortensen from Denmark.  There was also a goodbye to Ronnie Ratte, going back to Norway.

Lotte Boskov (left) and Ian Pickels (right) with Dave Richardson.Lotte Boskov (left) and Ian Pickels (right) with Dave Richardson.

Two flights today, with the cut made at handicap 20, plus 4 near pins up for grabs.

Niels Hansen won the A Flight with 34 points ahead of Ole Mortensen in second on a count back from Preban Saabye, both with 32 points each.  Elias Magnusson completed the podium in fourth.

Joe Vanderwegon took B Flight honours with the best score of day, 40 points, to finish 2 ahead of Ronnie Ratte in second while Mike Winfield and Anne Saabye placed third and fourth respectively.