Vance Millar continues to improve


IPGC golf from The Haven

Monday 6th February, Greenwood A & B – Stableford

CSS 72

1st Vance Millar (17) 38pts

2nd Alan Pilkington (9) 36pts

3rd Graham Johnson (7) 35pts

4th Alan Griffiths (11) 35pts

5th Warren Gallop (11) 33pts

One of the longest drives to a local course, but still just 45 minutes, turned out to be well worthwhile as Greenwood’s A and B courses were found to be in excellent condition, and with the green fee one of the lowest in the area when there are more than 20 players, it was great golf at affordable prices which other courses would do well to note with the low season approaching and the world economic situation not looking to improve in the near future.

Vance Millar took another win with a solid performance that earned him another cut in handicap for the coming competitions and down to the lowest that it has been for some time.

Vance Millar. Vance Millar.

Alan Pilkington just kept ahead of the chasing pack to lay claim to second by a single point in front of a very close count back between Graham Johnson and Alan Griffiths, with Graham winning out on the last three with a better 6 to 4 after they had tied the nine on 17 and the back six on 10 a piece.

Warren Gallop took his first podium placing for the week two further back in fifth place.

There were no 2’s in the second division but Alan Pilkington broke a run of several dry days taking the first division alone which included several roll overs.

Prior to the presentations there were welcome backs for Yasuo Suzuki, Tomoyasu Ishisaki and Nobutaka Yamaguchi.

Wednesday 8th February,Rayong C.C. – Stableford


1st Don Everett (21) 33pts

2nd John Pearce (16) 32pts

3rd Paul Hartley (19) 32pts

4th John Oswald (11) 29pts

5th Konrad Klama (24) 29pts

A smaller group than usual turned out for the trip to Rayong Country Club were the conditions were not quite up to the standard of the previous outing, but there was little to complain about except that it was extremely difficult to score on the day with the pin positions tucked away and hard to get to from the fairway.  But then again, the green fee is very competitive with other similar courses making for a good value day out on the fairways, which is where the golfer needs to stay or risk a lost ball amongst the heavy rough.

Don Everett. Don Everett.

The CSS for the day underscored the difficulty of the conditions as it moved out to 75 and became non-counting for upward review of handicaps.

Don Everett took the first of a brace of wins in the week with a tidy round, keeping the ball on the short stuff for most of the day and with the short stick proving to be fairly reliable it was enough to deny returnee John Pearce a win in his first game back for a year by a single point.

John still needed to win a count back with Paul Hartley, which he did on the last six by a margin of 10 to 8 after they had finished level for the eighteen and then tied the inward nine at 14 each to leave Paul in third spot.

John Oswald won the count back for fourth place with Konrad Klama with a better 16 against 14.

In keeping with the difficulty of the day’s play there were no 2’s in either division.

Back at The Haven there were welcome backs for Ron Rigden and John Pearce.

Friday 10th February, Treasure Hill (Yellow tees) – Stableford


1st Don Everett (21) 35pts

2nd Warren Gallop (11) 34pts

3rd Rodney Hayes (12) 33pts

4th Hal Hart (25) 33pts

5th Yasuo Suzuki (11) 32pts

Another difficult day although the weather held off until the last player sunk the final putt for the day, making it another good day away in the country, especially for the Australian contingent as they swept the top three places and took the only 2 of the day.

Once again the course was found to be in tip top condition with the greens especially quick but very difficult to read and even with the yellow tees being the choice of the day, considered by some to make the course a little on the short side, the day’s CSS again moved out three and once again became non-counting for upward review ensuring that the winner’s handicap was reduced by a stroke for next week.

Don Everett took his second win in succession by the narrowest of margins, again relying on good play from the tees and solid putting when finally arriving on the greens.

Warren Gallop took second place with a workmanlike round that suffered from a dodgy day with the putter after playing extremely well from the tee but unable to get close enough with his approach to avoid a few triple putts.

Rodney Hayes came back into the podium placings with a winning count back over Hal Hart with a better return of 17 to 15 from the back nine to take third place, leaving Hal in fourth and one ahead of Yasuo Suzuki who benefitted from a leisurely chauffer driven trip to the course rather than his now usual motorcycle dash, which seems to affect his play over the opening holes as he perhaps grips the clubs a little too tightly until the effects of the ride wear off as the round progresses.

There were no 2’s in the second division but John Oswald slipped on in to take the first division which included a roll over in the pot.

Before presenting the prizes Stephen Beard welcomed new members Tyge Rasmussen together with husband and wife Linda and Garry Beck.

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