Tropical’s big Boxing Day bash


PSC Golf from Tropical Golf Group

Friday, December 26, Silky Oak – Stableford

As we wound down another successful and event filled year, the Tropical Golf Group had its annual Boxing Day bash, and the festive group had several treats in store.  First (after breakfast of course) we treated ourselves to a round at Silky Oak.  This is a beautiful and challenging course – the drink stop after the 5th hole is worth the trip in itself.  The course was in good condition and also challenging, with several forced carry tee shots.  But if you are straight and just a little long off the tee then the course becomes manageable, and those good at wedge shots will post impressive scores.

Boxing Day winners (L-R): Dick Warberg, Rob Brown and John Marritt.Boxing Day winners (L-R): Dick Warberg, Rob Brown and John Marritt.

The next surprise was upon returning to BJ’s Holiday Lodge we were all treated to complimentary bowls of beef stew and loaves of French bread.  That wasn’t all however, because as everyone dug into the delicious meal we couldn’t help but notice a table filled with bottles of wine wrapped in Christmas paper!  This was turning out to be an interesting day indeed.  What was in store for us?

It all came together just as we were enjoying the last of the meal.  After a rousing ‘Thank You’ for Lek and the BJHL staff, we learned that the bottles of wine (plus some golf balls) were to be the prizes for the day.  Oh yes, how about the scores?

The day’s group was broken into three flights: A-Flight (0-15) was won by Rob Brown (11) with a fine 35 points.  Way to go Rob!  The B-Flight (16-22) saw the best score of the day, by Dick Warberg (19) with an impressive 38 points, just beating out fellow co-organizer Derek Brook on count back.  John Marritt (28) took C-Flight (23+) with a well played 36 points.  Well played all!

Near pin and long putt bottles of wine were collected by Brian Parish, Andrew Purdie, Tom McDowell, Brad Robins, and Tom Cotton.

Well, that still left a lot of bottles on the table.  This problem was solved by having lucky draws until all the wine had found a home, and a few sleeves of golf balls made sure no one was left out.

On behalf of all the Tropical Golfers a very special thanks goes out to our co-organizers Derek Brook and Dick Warberg for running an excellent show every week, enduring complaints with (usually) a smile, and putting in way more hours than anyone knows, just so we can show up and play. Fantastic job!

Note: The Tropical Golf Group generally plays every Tuesday and Friday, meeting at “The BJ Holiday Lodge, Beach Rd., Soi 3, for breakfast and transport arrangement.