Sorensen gets first pick at Christmas


PSC Golf from the Café Kronborg

Monday, Dec. 22, Bangkpakong – Alec Chilcott Cup

1st Torben Soresen (20) 38pts

2nd Peter Bygballe (21) 38pts

3rd Maurice Herberg (11) 37pts

4th Andre Van Dyk (16) 37pts

5th Rob Brown (11) 37pts

Long Putts: #9 Peter Hammond, #18 Kurt Sandgaard

Near Pins: #2 & #13 Peter Bygballe, #7 Mike Winfield

Torben Sorensen (left) with Dave Richardson.Torben Sorensen (left) with Dave Richardson.

Today was the annual Christmas Alec Chilcott Cup, being held at Bangpakong.  This event was started many years ago by the former golf chairman Alec Chilcott, where the concept is the entry fee is a gift wrapped golf item that are all placed on a table and the best score has the pick of the lot until the worst score picks up the last gift.  We just had the one flight and the full 6 near pins.

The construction on route 314 held us up for about 10 minutes, so if you are planning on going there soon, leave early.

Once at the course we had a quick check-in and were off the first tee under sunny skies with the wind blowing like a moderate gale.  The course was in good shape but was very wet in places due to sprinkler malfunctions earlier in the morning.  It was also very busy, taking us 4 hours and 50 minutes to get around.

Mike Allidi (left) and Svende Gaarde (right) with Dave Richardson.Mike Allidi (left) and Svende Gaarde (right) with Dave Richardson.

Back in the clubhouse, Torben Sorensen was declared the winner on a count back from Peter Bygballe in second, both with fine 38 point returns despite the trying conditions.  Maurice Herberg took third on a count back from Andre Van Dyk in fourth and Rob Brown fifth, all with 37 points.

We wish to thank Cafe Kronborg host Bjarne for donating this year’s fine trophy.

Friday, Dec. 26, Plutaluang N & W – Stableford

A Flight (0-21)

1st Mike Allidi (2) 36pts

2nd Ulf Larsson (15) 35pts

3rd Bjarne Kjar (18) 35pts

4th Bent Agerbo (19) 34pts

B Flight (22+)

1st Svende Gaarde (27) 35pts

2nd Ronnie Ratte (28) 34pts

3rd Gianpalo Degrandis (33) 32pts

4th Ernst Hansen (25) 31pts

Long Putts: N9 Bjarne Kjar, W9 Mike Allidi

Near Pins: N3 and W8 Mike Allidi, N6 Svend Gaarde, W3 Bjarne Kjar

We were supposed to be at Pattaya Country Club on Wednesday but changed to today because of the PSC Members Open on Tuesday, anyway it was a swift check-in and we set off on N1 under sunny skies with no wind all day.

The course was in fine condition but with the bunkers needing some urgent attention.

Despite the course being very busy we made it around in a little over 4 hours and back in the clubhouse welcomes went out to Bent Agerbo and Torben Christinsen from Denmark and Palo Palmisano and Tizano Dalpatro from Italy.

We had two flights today with the cut at handicap 21 and a full set of pins.

Mike Allidi won the top flight with 36 points while Ulf Larsson took second on a count back from Bjarne Kjar in third, both with 35 points each.  Bent Agerbo secured fourth spot on a count back from Silvo Bizzato, both with 34 points.

Svende Gaarde won the B Flight with 35 points, one ahead of Ronnie Ratte in second and Gianpalo Degrandis claimed third on 32, with Ernst Hansen completing the podium in fourth.