Tottenham takes charge at Pattavia

Mike Tottenham (centre) with Huw Phillips (left) and Andy May.
Mike Tottenham (centre) with Huw Phillips (left) and Andy May.

PSC Golf from the Pattaya Links Golf Society

Monday, Dec. 3, Bangpakong – Stableford

A Flight

1st Brian Talbot (16) 40pts

2nd Huw Phillips (16) 39pts

3rd Maurice Roberts (13) 38pts

4th Vincent Smyth (17) 36pts

5th Tony Browne (17) 35pts

B Flight

1st Dave Arataki (25) 41pts

2nd Brian Gabe (19) 40pts

3rd Jim Ferris (22) 40pts

4th Stan Stewart (19) 39pts

5th Larry Slattery (21) 39pts

Forty golfers turned out to play at Bangpakong Riverside on Monday and as usual the course was in wonderful condition with weather to match.

The two flights saw some excellent scores with the first flight headed by an excellent round from Brian Talbot who took the victory with 40 points. In second was Huw Phillips with 39 points, one ahead of Maurice Roberts on 38. The minor places went to Vincent Smyth with 36 and Tony Browne, taking fifth on countback from Doug Crowe with 35 points.

The second flight saw better scores. In fifth place was Larry Slattery with 39 points, losing out on fourth to Stan Stewart on countback. Third place went to Jim Ferris with 40 excellent points but he lost runner-up place to Brian Gabe on countback. The flight winner and recipient of the green jacket was Dave Arataki with some fine golf giving him 41 points.

Near pins went to Doug Crowe (4), Brian Orr (7), Merle Humphreys (13) and George Muller (16).

The best front nine award went to Danish golfer Nils-Petr Kristensen with 21 points whilst the best back nine award went to Colin Service for his 19 points, won on countback.

Wednesday, Dec. 5, Pattavia – Stableford

A Flight

1st Brian Talbot (16) 40pts

2nd Alan Humphries (10) 37pts

3rd Colm Lawlor (15) 37pts

4th Tony Browne (17) 36pts

B Flight

1st Mike Tottenham (19) 41pts

2nd Stan Stewart (19) 38pts

3rd Jim Ferris (22) 38pts

4th Larry Slattery (20) 38pts

The course was so busy today but was in its usual wonderful condition with nicely mown fairways, bunkers maintained and raked and a rough that does not unduly penalize. The famous, or infamous, greens were quick enough on the front nine and quicker on the back nine.

Top score of the day came from Mike Tottenham, taking out “B” flight (18+) with 41 points and the Green Jacket. Then came a three-way tie on 38 points which resulted in a couple of countbacks: Stan Stewart won the second spot from Jim Ferris, with Larry Slattery in fourth.

Brian Talbot has been in great form for the past few games and won the “A” flight (0-17) today with 40 points. Alan Humphries played well for second spot with 37 points to win a countback over Colm Lawlor, with Tony Browne coming back to form for 36 points and fourth.

Near Pins went to Steve Baker (4), Derek Phillips (7), Maurice Roberts (13), and Petur Petursson (17).

Friday, Dec. 7,
Eastern Star – Stableford

A Flight

1st John Harrison (12) 39pts

2nd George Mueller (13) 38pts

3rd Darren Beavers (17) 37pts

4th John De Carteret (16) 34pts

B Flight

1st Stan Stewart (19) 39pts

2nd Larry Slattery (21) 38pts

3rd Dave Arataki (25) 38pts

4th George Wilson (21) 32pts

This course has gone ahead in leaps and bounds recently and is now looking to be up there with the best, without the price tag.

Two flights today and in the “A” flight John Harrison, in a rare game with Links, compiled an impressive 39 points to win the flight and the Green Jacket while second spot went to the consistent George Mueller with 38 points. Darren Beavers had such a bad time at his last start at this course that he gave it up, nightmare. Today was redemption, and he was a happy man as he handed in his card with 37 points and third place. John (hyphen) De Carteret filled fourth with 34 points.

“B” flight produced the other 39 points, this time from Stan Stewart who has been knocking up some good scores recently, beating two players on 38 points each. The countback got Larry Slattery home ahead of Dave Arataki, in his final game with us for 2018. George Wilson started the day a little scratchily, but settled down to score 32 points and the final spot on the podium.

Best nines for non winners went to Colm Lawlor’s 22 points front nine and Niels Peter Kristensen’s 17 points back nine.

Near pins were claimed by Alan Humphries (3), Andy May (6), Stan Stewart (13) Dave Arataki (17).