Tip Briney in the photo again

Silky Oak winner B flight, Tip Briney, with Tony Browne (L) and Paul McManus (R).
Silky Oak winner B flight, Tip Briney, with Tony Browne (L) and Paul McManus (R).

Pattaya Links Golf Society

Mon. Oct.7 Silky Oak Stableford

As “High Season’ approaches and with some of the special deals at golf clubs about to end, the framing of a schedule a month or more in advance becomes a game of chance as PSC posts next month’s rates only a day or two before that month starts.

When will prices rise and by how much? So we look for courses that are still value, hence we made a return to Silky Oak after an absence of about 18 months. With a Sports Day price, or vouchers the same price (take your pick), we decided to give it a try.

A pleasant surprise was that twenty eight golfers signed up, so away we go.

The fairways at this course were in their usual good condition and the greens were also in the usual condition; that is, a little uneven and slow. They have been the greenkeepers’ problem for a while.

The day was going well until a very large and very wet storm rolled in to disrupt play for some time. A number of players gave it up, but the competition continued.

Plenty of players for two flights with the break at 0-16 and 17+.

On this rotation from work, Andrew Purdie has been right up there in the placings pretty much every outing. Today he took out the “A” flight again with an excellent score of 38 points.

Petur Petursson usually plays well, although he has a stinker occasionally, but right on the money this time with 35 points for second spot.

Steve Moxey has played in Thailand many times but this day was only his second time with Links. Now, he has hit the form of an eight handicapper to score 34 points and grab third place on countback over Phil Davies.

He has been dubbed the most photographed person at Links, but more often than not wearing a “wig” or a “silly hat”, but this day Tip Briney is centre of frame wearing the Green Jacket, winning “B” flight easily with 41 points.

Stu Brown was in the placings once again with 33 points for second and we welcomed back Larry Slattery, belatedly, as he came in third with 32 points.

Near pins: Petur Petursson (A flight), Greg Gawron x 2 (B flight). An “A” flight pin had a “B” flight name on it, so he missed out.

A flight ( 0-16)
1st Place – Andrew Purdie (10) – 38 pts
2nd Place – Petur Petursson (6 ) – 35 pts
3rd Place – Steve Moxey (8) – 34 pts c/back

B flight ( 17+ )
1st Place – Tip Briney (23 ) – 41 pts
2nd Place – Stu Brown (28) – 33 pts
3rd Place – Larry Slattery (17) – 32 pts
Best Front Nine (non-winners) – Mark Efendie – 20 pts
Best Back Nine (non-winners) – Niels-Peter Kristensen – 18 pts

Tony Browne, who was also welcomed back, arrived right on the 8.30 departure time. He tried to convince Phil that the web page he checked told him 9.00 am, wrong page Tony, “silly hat” for you.

Burapha winner A flight, Phil Davies, with Guy Stewart (L) and John Anderson (R).
Burapha winner A flight, Phil Davies, with Guy Stewart (L) and John Anderson (R).

Paul McManus, in his first hit with Links, had the lowest score of the day and wore the “wig”.
It is rainy season so we can always expect some moisture. We always hope it holds off, but even with the rain most enjoyed another top day of golf.

Snake oil works for Phil

Wed. Oct. 9
Burapha C+D

Phil Davies arrived at Links this morning planning on withdrawing from the start sheet. His left shoulder was in pain, but then Tip Briney offered some of his magic heat cream, which has something to do with scorpions? This magic worked and Phil went out to play.

Phil then topped the scoring with 41 points in a nice return to form. The irony is that Tip Briney scored 40 points only to be deprived of his second successive Green Jacket by the man he cured.

As there was preparation for the Singha All Thailand Tournament on the A+B nines, we were assigned C+D nines.

Maurice called lift, clean and place which proved to be a good decision as the fairways were soft with virtually no run, the skirt in front of the greens was soft and the greens slow.

The rough here is thick and deep and many a ball is lost as it sinks into the grass.

Thirty two players teed off with the weather very hot and no breeze for relief.

Phil, of course, won the A flight four points better than Mark Efendie, who is on a flying visit from Australia. His score of 37 points looked good on this course today.

Another on a quick turnaround is Garry Barker who returned a nice even 36 points from his handicap of #3, the best gross for the day.

John Pierrel filled fourth spot with 35 points.

The magic potion man took first place for the B flight by six points from Barry Oats, who seems to hang in pretty well and today played a steady game, scoring 34 points.

Mike Firkin showed a glimpse of a return to form, taking third place with 32 points, while Stu Brown was in the mix once again with only 30 points, but that was enough.

After the first nine the weather changed to something completely different as cloud cover moved in with the caddies forecasting rain. A strong breeze blew up and the temperature became noticeably cooler and much more pleasant.

Near Pins: Bill Copeland (A flight), Wayne Peppernell (A flight), Iain Craigen (B flight). No winner for the other B flight pin.

A-Flight (0 –15)
1st Place – Phil Davies (13) – 41 pts
2nd Place – Mark Efendie (15) – 37 pts
3rd Place – Garry Barker (3) – 36 pts
4th Place – John Pierrel (13) – 35 pts

B-Flight (16 +)
1st Place – Tip Briney (23) – 40 pts
2nd Place – Barry Oats (28) – 34 pts
3rd Place – Mike Firkin (24) – 32 pts c/back
4th Place – Stu Brown (28) – 30 pts
Best Front Nine (non-winners) – Paul Durkan – 19 pts
Best Back Nine (non-winners) – Tommy Marshall – 19 pts c/back

One “B” flight near pin had the name of an A flight player, so we thought that was worth a “silly hat” for Guy Stewart.

John Anderson managed (or mis-managed) his worst score in Thailand and thoroughly deserved the “wig”.

The caddies got it right. The rain came in sheets as our last group exited the 18th green, and continued until the last toll gate into Pattaya, which was dry.