Tight finish in ‘golfer of the month’ contest


PSC golf from Tropical Bert’s

Tuesday, June 26, Green Valley – Stableford

Green Valley was to be the test for the day and with this being the last Tuesday of the month it was also time to find out who would be the ‘MBMG Golfer of the Month”.  So after a quick bite at Bert’s it was into cars and off to Green Valley.

Once there the book-in was reasonably quick and then out to the start.  This course is a good test and stood on the first tee we knew it was also going to be a difficult day as the wind was blowing hard.  The course on the day was in fine condition with the fairways green and inviting and the rough dry and difficult to get out of.  The greens were in reasonable condition and ran tricky but true.

Barry Elphick, left, receives the MBMG golfer of the month prize from Derek Brook.Barry Elphick, left, receives the MBMG golfer of the month prize from Derek Brook.

With the way ahead seemingly clear the first two groups, being three-balls, zoomed away and soon we came up behind a group in front, but even so we got around in well under 4 hours.  The groups soon ran in behind.

Sitting in the ‘German Restaurant’ the cards soon came in and it was obvious that despite the heavy wind we had some good scores in and Barry Elphick, who was leading the ‘MBMG Golfer of the Month’, was worried despite putting in a fine round of 38 points, but we shall see.

Back at Bert’s we were soon ready to give the results and in the A Flight, 0 to 17, the winner was Mike Gaussa with 38 points ahead of Bob Watson in second with 36 points and in third was Mashi Kaneta with 33 points on count back over Walter Baechli.

In the B Flight the scores were generally better with the winner being Tom Cotton with 41 points ahead of Graham Buckingham in second with 39 and in third was Barry Elphick with 38 points.

So for The MBMG Golfer of the Month, did Barry hang on?  Well the answer was yes, and so Barry Elphick was The MBMG Golfer of the Month, well done Barry!

Near Pins:  Mike Gaussa, Mashi Kaneta, Bob Watson, Warberger

Long Putt:  Max Scott, Daryl Evans

First, second, and fifth from Friday’s round with two of Bert’s finest.First, second, and fifth from Friday’s round with two of Bert’s finest.

Friday, June 29, The Emerald – Stableford

Funny day really, all the way down there it threatened rain with a few spots on the windscreen, but it always seemed to be there but never rained.  However, stood on the first tee the wind was up and it promised to be a tough day, even if it did not rain.

Mashi and I were paired with the two Aussie ‘good golfers’, Max and Bob, and they did us the good turn of playing off the Blues while we played off the White.  Very interesting indeed, as we usually found ourselves level off the tee, a bit sobering and reminds one that ‘the three score and ten’ is nearly here.

We moved around quite well and in the strong wind it was interesting to find the rough was really tough.  As for the fairways, I asked the other three and they said that there were a lot of divots and the ground was dry and hard.  Lucky me, I usually joined them on the greens which generally were not too bad.

Despite being an outside restaurant, this is one of the more friendly places to sit, and indeed the food here is not only good but really well priced. It may be open but the breeze keeps it quite cool, even if sometimes the breeze is so strong it blows the paperwork around..

Back at Bert’s it was soon into the results and we had one flight with a runaway winner.  The winner was Alan Sullivan with 39 points, and also 3 Near pins to note.  In second was Brian Parish with 35 points with Walter Baechli in third with 34 points on count back over Daryl Evans in fourth.  In fifth was Bob Watson with 32 points.  T.T.F.N.

Near Pins:  Alan Sullivan (3), Mashi Kaneta