Thompson triumphs once more


PSC golf from the Blue Moose

Green Valley Country Club was the venue for the Blue Moose golfing group this 8th of May.  Three foursomes took to the field and gave it their best.

The course is in beautiful condition in all respects.  While the skies were overcast no rain fell on the group despite dark clouds and thunder on the horizon.

Bill Thompson and Larry Emerson. Bill Thompson and Larry Emerson.

There was one water hazard that got just about everyone.  It was a reasonable pond that most were able to get over but unseen from the tee box was a 2nd pond.  Not nice Green Valley.

Returning to the Blue Moose where delicious fried chicken legs and wings were provided, the cards were tallied.  As is often the case, Bill Thompson came in with a 39, followed by Larry Emerson with a 37.  Dale Murphy and Ted Gardner both had 35 and Dale managed to get closest to the pin on #9.