This one’s for you, Leigh


Pattaya Golf Society at the Links Bar

The Pattaya Golf Society visited Emerald on Tuesday, 13th December to play a stableford competition on a course which was in good condition with greens running quite swiftly.  There was a sombre mood hanging over the group as it was the first round for the PGS after the tragic events at Burapha on Sunday which saw dear friend Leigh Abbey pass away so sadly on the golf course.

It was always going to be about Leigh today and two of the group’s most senior members, Larry Slattery and Mr Len were amongst those who tried to do him proud on the day.  Len posted 38 points for second and Larry took the day with 39.

The ‘2’s pot was shared by Karl Flood, Craig Mitcham and Helene Lindberg.

It was a sad day but Leigh would not have wanted it any other way.  Rest in Peace old friend!

Holmes at home at Crystal Bay

On Thursday, 15th December the Pattaya Golf Society visited Crystal Bay to play a stableford competition on the C and B combination, in two flights cut at sixteen and under.

The course was in fine condition but parts of some fairways were damper than others as a result of an outdated irrigation system.  Generally the greens were very good.

In the top flight three golfers shared the honours, with Peter Wilson, Michael Lindberg and Masa Takano all scoring 36 points.  For Michael it was his best performance in many a long year and for Masa it was another quality round to add to an impressive portfolio this trip.

In the second flight Canadian golfer Harry Lankoff also produced a fine level par round for second place whilst John Holmes topped the group with 37 well crafted points.

John recorded a ‘2’ on C7 whilst Karl Flood matched the score on B6.  Masa also scored a ‘2’, his first eagle 2 in four years, on B5 with a massive drive and a wedge which bounced three times up the green and into the hole.

The consolation beer went to John Mason on his final round before returning to England for Christmas at the weekend.

Crystal Bay can be a rewarding course when conditions are good, as an average of 30 points on the day showed.