The never ending story


PSC golf from Lewiinski’s

Sunday, August 14, Green Valley – Medal

A Flight

1st Peter Henshaw (15) Net 66 Medal Winner

2nd Ian Halfpenny (13) Net 70

3rd Bob Newell (9) Net 71

Ladies Flight

1st Kathy Doody (16) Net 71

Near Pins: No 4 Ian Halfpenny, No 9 Geoff Couch, No 12 Jack Grindvold, No 16 Jan Eriksen.


I indicated last week that if I was a bit fitter and younger I might have given the headlines to Peter Henshaw as he won two games on the trot.  Well this week there is no doubt that he gets the lights as he posted a net 66 to win the third game in a row, but more importantly took home the August monthly medal accompanied by a lead crystal Lewiinski’s cut glass and a bottle of Jameson’s.  Peter’s Net 66 was four points clear of the entire field.

Peter Henshaw, Lewiinski’s monthly medal winner.Peter Henshaw, Lewiinski’s monthly medal winner.

Ian ‘Loose change’ Halfpenny who is winning and placing a couple of times every week collected the Silver with a steady Net 70.  Bob ‘Marley’ Newell rounded out the Flight a further stroke back.  Bob’s score also gained him the coveted low gross trophy.

The big story in the Ladies Flight was Kathy Helga Doody’s flight winning Net 71 which won her the ladies medal, a bottle of plonk and a Lewiinski’s cut glass lead crystal champers flute.  The fact that there were only two ladies in the flight should not denigrate from this fine effort.  As all our regular readers now, Kathy joins Peter in the Gold Medal to be held later in the year.

Ian Halfpenny, Ed Wyckoff and Jan Eriksen shared the 2’s pot.

The society would like to take this opportunity to wish Jimmy ‘the ladies man’ Day and Leck (or Pui!) all the best on their forthcoming wedding.

Tuesday, August 16, Khao Kheow B&C – Stableford

A Flight

1st Eddy Beilby (15) 30pts

2nd Ed Wyckoff (10) 29pts

Was there a party somewhere on Monday that the scribe did not get to know about?  Perhaps it was the lads celebrating Jimmy’s engagement.  Whatever it was it put the kybosh on the day’s scoring.  Eddy the Eagle was top man with a best on the day 30 points.

Kathy Doody, Lewiinski’s monthly medal winner in the Ladies Division.Kathy Doody, Lewiinski’s monthly medal winner in the Ladies Division.

The silver needed the aid of the calculator as Ed the ‘Senator Dallas tea party’, Jan ‘the quiet one’ and Bill ‘the monkey tamer’ Brochart were log jammed on 29 points.  The Senator got the count back verdict while Jan and Bill got to watch the presentation sitting on a bar stool.

As you might have guessed no 2’s were recorded – rollover on Wednesday.

Wednesday August 17, Pattana – Stableford

A Flight

1st Bob McPhail (16) 34pts

2nd Ed Wyckoff (10) 32pts

The competitive week was rounded off by Bob McPhail atop the podium and as always was a welcome addition to the society.  While 34 points will not always hold up for victory in Lewiinski’s, when it does it is usually on a demanding and tricky course such as this Gussan designed Pattana.

A familiar name stood just below Bob on the podium in the person of Ed ‘The Senator Dallas Tea Party’ Wyckoff who was two shots of the pace. This was Ed’s second successive silver placing.

No 2’s were recorded so a double rollover on Sunday.

Note:  Lewiinski’s is situated on Pattaya Land Soi 1, Beach Road Soi 13/3 near to Walking Street.  Anyone wishing to play with us just pop in, and add your name to the list or call Colin on 089 826 0764.  Transport is provided.