‘The Divorcer’ on a scorcher


The Backyard Golf Society

It was another scorcher of a day at Emerald last Friday, April 26, as the Backyard boys took to the course to sweat out the excesses of the rest of the week.  The course was very quiet with most sensible people heading to the beach or some air-conditioned establishment. 

Winning the main competition today was Don ‘the Divorcer’ with 36 points.  No one managed to stay on the near-pin par three 15th, so that will be rolled over to next week’s game.  Irish John won 7 skins, Don ‘the Divorcer’ won 4, Tony ‘Foos yer Doos’ Cowe won 3 and Golden Trowel’s boyfriend chipped in with 2.  There are thus 2 rolled over to next week also.

Several absentees today included Terry ‘the Mummy’, who has a group of his old Bobby mates over from the UK for their annual fix of golf and other activities.  Michelle Chatt cried off with “definitely not gout” but with something that has all the symptoms of gout.  Yaya’s Delight (who was only back for 1 game which he won and then left again) has gone back again to Sydney to sort out his Aussie retirement benefits, a saga that has lasted longer than the Roman Empire.