Thakkar hacking it again


Phoenix Members Golf Society

We are now back playing the Ocean course again at Phoenix whilst the Lake course is closed for a few weeks for maintenance work.  A lot of work has been done to thin the trees down a little and thus some of the more difficult shots have now become partly manageable (that’s if you hit the ball straight).  The most notable change is at the 9th Ocean hole where there is now a beautiful scenic view from the tee box.  It is amazing how the tree tops were hiding such a magnificent view.

On Tuesday, May 14 we battled for the KPK Food Services voucher.  Jim Neilson has struggled for some time since he joined our group some months ago, but in true Scottish style he has battled on and at last his true form is starting to show through.  Jim scored a good 37 points today to win the first prize plus the KPK Food voucher.  In second place was Patrick Browne with another super score of 36 points.  This was after having his handicap cut due to a 42 points the previous week.

Jim Neilson and his lovely wife hold up the 1st prize KPK Foods voucher.Jim Neilson and his lovely wife hold up the 1st prize KPK Foods voucher.

Taking third place was ‘Mr. consistency’ Mukesh Thakkar with 35 points.  The amazing thing about this score was that Mukesh only scored 11 points on the front nine with 24 on the back – chipping in from off the green on both the 17th and 18th hole for consecutive birdies and earning a massive 7 points on the last two holes.  Not bad for a (T)Hakkar.

Near pins went to Patrick Browne, Richard Baldwin & Mukesh Thakkar.  The lucky draw massage was awarded to Patrick Browne with the other lucky draw winners of Kristinn Helgason, Gerry Hughes and myself winning the free drink.  Sods law, I was only drinking soda water!

We had a normal stableford format game on Friday, May 17 and our winner was again Mukesh Thakkar as he managed to score 37 points to claim first prize.  In second place was the banana man, Granville Swanton, with 35 points and in third was myself, Mike Gerrard, also with 35 but with an inferior back nine to Granville.

Near pins went to Mike Gerrard, Granville Swanton, Richard Baldwin & Mukesh Thakkar.

Richard Baldwin was the first name out of the hat to win the free massage, and Bill Hewitt the free drink.  Both these prizes are donated by our hosts The Relax Bar every time we play.  The other lucky draw winner was, need I say, Joris Goetschalckx.

All in all the week ended up with nearly everyone winning something and surviving another episode of life in paradise.

If anyone is interested in playing golf with our group or partaking in one of our sea fishing trips, please call me (Mike) on 087 091 7565 for further information.