Thailand broadcasts kick-off match of UEFA EURO2020 tonight – tournament details here

London, Glasgow and Rome among 12 Euro 2020 hosts for 24-team tournament which will be staged in 2021 between June 11 and July 11.

Football fans can watch the first match of UEFA European Football Championship 2021 between Italy and Turkey for free and live on NBT2HD tonight. (NNT)

Euro 2020: When is the tournament in 2021 and who has qualified?

London, Glasgow and Rome among 12 Euro 2020 hosts for 24-team tournament which will be staged in 2021 between June 11 and July 11

Euro 2020 is set for the big kick-off – see how the tournament will work and check out the full schedule.

Coronavirus put Euro 2020 back a year to 2021, but 24 sides will still play across 11 host cities – with Dublin and Bilbao dropped from the schedule in April and Seville added – in a festival of football.

The 16th UEFA European Championship this year celebrates the tournament’s 60th birthday.

The Euro 2020 group draw
Group A: Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, Wales
Group B: Belgium, Russia, Denmark, Finland
Group C: Ukraine, Netherlands, Austria, North Macedonia
Group D: England, Croatia, Czech Republic, Scotland
Group E: Spain, Poland, Sweden, Slovakia
Group F: Germany, France, Portugal, Hungary

When and where is Euro 2020?

The 16th UEFA European Championship runs from June 11 to July 11, 2021, and to celebrate the tournament’s 60th birthday, 11 cities across the continent have been selected as hosts. The 12 cities and stadiums are:

Amsterdam (Netherlands) – Johan Cruyff Arena
Baku (Azerbaijan) – Olympic Stadium
Seville (Spain) – Ramon Sanchez-Pizjuan Stadium
Bucharest (Romania) – Arena Nationala
Budapest (Hungary) – Puskas Arena
Copenhagen (Denmark) – Parken Stadium
Glasgow (Scotland) – Hampden Park
London (England) – Wembley Stadium
Munich (Germany) – Allianz Arena
Rome (Italy) – Stadio Olimpico
Saint Petersburg (Russia) – Krestovsky Stadium

Rome’s Stadio Olimpico will host the opening match on June 11, while England’s national stadium Wembley will stage both semi-finals and the final as well as a last-16 tie that was originally scheduled to be staged in Dublin.

As a result of the pan-European staging, no nation has been granted an automatic spot, with all 55 teams taking part in the qualification process.

The Euro 2020 group-stage schedule

Each stadium will host three group-stage matches, which are set to take place between June 11 and June 23.

Match schedule.

The host cities have been paired off for the group stages:
Group A: Rome and Baku
Group B: Saint Petersburg and Copenhagen
Group C: Amsterdam and Bucharest
Group D: London and Glasgow
Group E: Seville and Saint Petersburg
Group F: Munich and Budapest

Every host nation that qualifies will play a minimum of two games at home in the group stages. Should both paired nations qualify (eg. if England and Scotland both qualify they will be put into Group D) then a draw will take place to determine which nation will host their direct group-stage encounter.

The winners and runners-up of each group will reach the knockout stages, as well as the four best third-placed teams.

The knockout schedule

Each city will host one last 16 or quarter-final match, before London takes centre stage for the semi-finals and final. There is no third-place play-off.

The knockouts will run from June 26 to July 11

Round of 16
June 26: 1A v 2C, London – 2A v 2B, Amsterdam
June 27: 1B v 3A/D/E/F, Bilbao – 1C v 3D/E/F, Budapest
June 28: 2D v 2E, Copenhagen – 1F v 3A/B/C, Bucharest
June 29: 1E v 3A/B/C/D, Glasgow – 1D v 2F, London

July 2: Saint Petersburg and Munich
July 3: Baku and Rome

July 6 and 7: London

July 11: London

Euro group stage fixtures…

Friday June 11
Group A: Turkey vs Italy; Kick-off 8pm (Rome)

Saturday June 12
Group A: Wales vs Switzerland; Kick-off 2pm (Baku)
Group B: Denmark vs Finland; Kick-off 5pm (Copenhagen)
Group B: Belgium vs Russia; Kick-off 8pm (St Petersburg)

Sunday June 13
Group D: England vs Croatia; Kick-off 2pm (London)
Group C: Austria vs North Macedonia; Kick-off 5pm (Bucharest)
Group C: Netherlands vs Ukraine; Kick-off 8pm (Amsterdam)

Monday June 14
Group D: Scotland vs Czech Republic; Kick-off 2pm (Glasgow)
Group E: Poland vs Slovakia; Kick-off 5pm (St Petersburg)
Group E: Spain vs Sweden; Kick-off 8pm (Seville)

Tuesday June 15
Group F: Hungary vs Portugal; Kick-off 5pm (Budapest)
Group F: France vs Germany; Kick-off 8pm (Munich)

Wednesday June 16
Group B: Finland vs Russia: Kick-off 2pm (St Petersburg)
Group A: Turkey vs Wales: Kick-off 5pm (Baku)
Group A: Italy vs Switzerland; Kick-off 8pm (Rome)

Thursday June 17
Group C: Ukraine vs North Macedonia; Kick-off 2pm (Bucharest)
Group B: Denmark vs Belgium; Kick-off 5pm (Copenhagen)
Group C: Netherlands vs Austria; Kick-off 8pm (Amsterdam)

Friday June 18
Group E: Sweden vs Slovakia; Kick-off 2pm (St Petersburg)
Group D: Croatia vs Czech Republic; Kick-off 5pm (Glasgow)
Group D: England vs Scotland; Kick-off 8pm (London)

Saturday June 19
Group F: Hungary vs France; Kick-off 2pm (Budapest)
Group F: Portugal vs Germany; Kick-off 5pm (Munich)
Group E: Spain vs Poland; Kick-off 8pm (Seville)

Sunday June 20
Group A: Italy vs Wales; Kick-off 5pm (Rome)
Group A: Switzerland vs Turkey; Kick-off 5pm (Baku)

Monday June 21
Group C: North Macedonia vs Netherlands; Kick-off 5pm (Amsterdam)
Group C: Ukraine vs Austria; Kick-off 5pm (Bucharest)
Group B: Russia vs Denmark; Kick-off 8pm (Copenhagen)
Group B: Finland vs Belgium; Kick-off 8pm (St Petersburg)

Tuesday June 22
Group D: Czech Republic vs England; Kick-off 8pm (London)
Group D: Croatia vs Scotland; Kick-off 8pm (Glasgow)

Wednesday June 23
Group E: Slovakia vs Spain; Kick-off 5pm (Seville)

Group E: Sweden vs Poland; Kick-off 5pm (St Petersburg)
Group F: Germany vs Hungary; Kick-off 8pm (Munich)
Group F: Portugal vs France; Kick-off 8pm (Budapest)

Top two in each group plus four best third-placed teams go through
Knockout phase…

16 finalists in 6 groups – A, B, C, D, E, and F.

Round of 16…
Saturday June 26
Game 1: Group A runners-up vs Group B runners-up; Kick-off 5pm (Amsterdam)
Game 2: Group A winners vs Group C runners-up; Kick-off 8pm (London)

Sunday June 27
Game 3: Group C winners vs third-placed side from Group D/E/F; Kick-off 5pm (Budapest)
Game 4: Group B winners vs third-placed side from Group A/D/E/F; Kick-off 8pm (Seville)

Monday June 28
Game 5: Group D runners-up vs Group E runners-up; Kick-off 5pm (Copenhagen)
Game 6: Group F winners vs third-placed side from Group A/B/C; Kick-off 8pm (Bucharest)

Tuesday June 29
Game 7: Group D winners vs Group F runners-up; Kick-off 5pm (London)
Game 8: Group E winners vs third-placed side Group A/B/C/D; Kick-off 8pm (Glasgow)

Friday July 2
Quarter-final 1: Game 6 winner vs Game 5 winner; Kick-off 5pm (St Petersburg)
Quarter-final 2: Game 4 winner vs Game 2 winner; Kick-off 8pm (Munich)

Saturday July 3
Quarter-final 3: Game 3 winner vs Game 1 winner; Kick-off 5pm (Baku)
Quarter-final 4: Game 8 winner vs Game 7 winner; Kick-off 8pm (Rome)

Tuesday July 6
Semi-final 1: Quarter-final 2 winner vs Quarter-final 1 winner; Kick-off 8pm (Wembley, London)

Wednesday July 7
Semi-final 2: Quarter-final 4 winner vs Quarter-final 3 winner; Kick-off 8pm (Wembley, London)

The Final
Sunday July 11
Kick-off 8pm (Wembley, London)