Teens bring beach tennis to Pattaya

Barefooted teenagers enjoying themselves playing beach tennis on the Pattaya’s smooth sandy beach.

A group of teenagers is trying to make beach tennis a thing in Pattaya.

Salehferas Almufadhi, 14, and Alex Leklamat Harrison, 15, led the teams of teens that put up a net and smoothed the sand to make a court on Pattaya Beach at Central Road Aug. 2.

Balls obviously don’t bounce on sand, so beach tennis actually is closer to badminton or volleyball, but using beach tennis rackets which are shorter than the lawn tennis racquets. The teens said beach tennis is new and growing in popularity in Thailand among the younger set.

The boys said their club usually plays on Jomtien Beach at the Saleh Sports Club or at the all-purpose yard, but, this time, they moved their games to Pattaya to introduce the sport to tourists and Thais there.

The club maintains a Facebook page at “Beach Tennis Pattaya” and offers free instructions to players new to the game.

Salehferas Almufadhi and Alex Leklamat Harrison the two pioneers of beach tennis in Pattaya.

Beach tennis in Pattaya will certainly catch on with residents and tourists of all ages.