Swansong for Three Sisters Group


PSC Three Sisters/Blue Moose Golf

This 21st of March was the next to last time for the Three Sisters Group, soon to be renamed The Blue Moose Group.  Effective April 1, the Pattaya Country Club is closing nine holes for a period of 7 months.  A decision as to where the newly named “Blue Moose Group” will play has yet to be made.

Today was a Blue Moose Scramble and there were more than 16 players on the course.  Two players were out of sync and were playing best ball, some folks just don’t read their e-mails.  Back at Caddy Shack II the cards were submitted and it turns out that Arnold van de Graaf and Richard Hall came in first place.  Second place was taken by Bill Thompson and Kunaha Janathorn.

Joe St. Laurent provided vittles in the form of a sausage-meatballs and sauce that fit nicely into a hot dog bun.  Next week, March 28 will be the last game at PCC as well as Trophy game.

Arnold and Richard (left) with runners-up Bill and Jan. Arnold and Richard (left) with runners-up Bill and Jan.