Strong wind makes it tough going at Khao Kheow


PSC golf from the Bunker Boys at the Bowling Green

Monday, January 9, Pleasant Valley – Stableford

Pleasant Valley will never be the most popular course on the Bunker Boys schedule, but a good field turned out for one of our infrequent visits there.  Starting on the back nine made the course even less appealing to some, particularly as a strong breeze always seems to blow down what for some has become known as “unpleasant valley”.

Our scheduled tee time was delayed by 20 minutes giving Skinny and Neil time to get an early start on their attempt to break the course record (for the number of beers drunk in a round).  The ensuing round took almost five and a half hours which left a number of other players wondering whether they’d be better off entering the beer drinking competition.

Gordon and Marion look surprised at scooping the B Flight on Friday. Gordon and Marion look surprised at scooping the B Flight on Friday.

Three players managed to keep their concentration, finishing with a very creditable score of 38 points; Mark Stanley beating JJ on a count back to win the honours in A flight, and Eddie Kelly romping home in the B flight.

A Flight

1st Mark Stanley (12) 38pts

2nd JJ Harney (12) 38pts

3rd   Colin Greig (12) 36pts

B Flight

1st Eddie Kelly (18) 38pts

2nd Geoff Parker (16) 35pts

3rd Marion Melia (22) 33pts

Near Pins:  Colin Greig, Ken Ellmore and Eddie Kelly (2)

Wednesday, January 11, Khao Kheow A & B – Stableford

Much of the conversation at the Bowling Green prior to departure was about the windy conditions experienced the previous day at Khao Kheow, by those taking part in the PSC annual championship.  As we assembled on the first tee it was obvious that the wind today was even stronger than Tuesday, making the course even more formidable than usual.

A number of players finished the first nine with single figure points totals, but fortunately the gale subsided on the back nine, allowing the scores to become more respectable.  Colin Greig and Eddie Kelly handled the conditions the best to win the A and B flights respectively with 35 points.

Special mention goes to Reg Smart who had a score that he will be very keen to forget, but kept his good humour throughout.

A Flight

1st Colin Greig (12) 35pts

2nd Geoff Cox (14) 33pts

3rd Tony Robbins (13) 32pts

B Flight

1st Eddie Kelly (18) 35pts

2nd Jack Robertson (27) 34pts

3rd Gordon Melia (17) 31pts

Near Pins:  Mike Brett, Gordon Melia, Rab McDonald and Ken Ellmore

Friday, January 13, Greenwood C & A – Stableford

We had a good turnout today, despite the fixture clash with the final day of the annual PSC championship.  The Greenwood course is in excellent shape and great value for money at the moment, so well worth the trip up the 331.

There was some confusion at the start when we discovered that the course had no caddies available, due to absentee mothers attending Children’s day celebrations.  Once we eventually got underway, there were no other holdups, and the round progressed smoothly.

Shot of the day went to Rab McDonald who put the ball within five feet of the pin on the long and difficult par 3 third hole on the C course (then missed the birdie!).  Ken Ellmore continued his good run of form to win the A flight, and Denis Quinn was only one point behind to take the honours in the B flight.  Gordon and Marion Melia put in a fine joint performance to take second and third places in the B flight.

A Flight

1st Ken Ellmore (16) 38pts

2nd JJ Harney (12) 36pts

3rd Geoff Parker (16) 33pts

B Flight

1st Denis Quinn (21) 37pts

2nd Gordon Melia (17) 36pts

3rd Marion Melia (22) 35pts

Near Pins:  Rab McDonald and Geoff Parker (2)

Following the recent demise of the Bunker Bar, the Bunker Boys now play out of the Bowling Green on Soi X-Zyte between Pattaya 3rd Road and Soi Buakhao.  We play three times per week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, so if you enjoy a fun day out and a friendly but competitive golf competition, why come and join us.  We meet at the Bowling Green at 9 a.m. for breakfast and transportation, and new players with valid handicaps are always welcome.  For more information call Dave on 087 146 9978, email [email protected].