Stevie Dunn done it


The Golf Club weekly roundup

Monday, Nov. 21, Green Valley (white tees) – Stableford

1st Phil Smedley (14) 39pts

2nd Jack Grindvold (5) 38pts

T3rd Ian Brimble (6) 36pts

T3rd David Rose (3) 36pts

T3rd Peter LeNoury (14) 36pts

Nigel Henson, Steve Dunn and Bob Mulholland back at TGC.
Nigel Henson, Steve Dunn and Bob Mulholland back at TGC.

A fine day greeted us this morning as we loaded up for the trek down the 36 to Green Valley.  The roadworks are a mess right now so plan for about an hour to get there, or take the back roads past Buddha Mountain and save 10-15 minutes.

When we eventually got there, we found the course in great condition save for a bit of damp around the fringes of the greens.  For what they are charging, it should be perfect.

There was a trio of fine golfers at the enviable 36 mark with Peter LeNoury, David Rose and Ian Brimble all shooting to their handicap.  On the second platform, last week’s winner, Jack Grindvold, took it with a solid 38 points which is exactly what he shot last week! Credit Dave Parker with the Caddy Smile near pin honours as he sank a 12 footer for the birdie!

I’m sorry to say our Golf Commander in Chief Phil Smedley proved deadly (and a terrible host) to walk away with the first prize ribbon.

Friday, Nov. 25, The Emerald (white tees) – Stableford

1st Steve Dunn (0) 36pts

T2nd Gabe Dawking (13) 35pts

T2nd Nigel Henson (26) 35pts

It is often said that Emerald is a little gem and it certainly was today.  The forecourt of The Golf Club was filled with golf bags, shoes and towels drying out from the washout on Wednesday when we were bogged down in the rain.  All nice and dry, we headed off southbound to The Emerald where sunny skies were the order of the day.

First off, the Caddy Smile near pin was won by the affable Bob Mulholland, a danger to all par-3’s.  On the podium, we saw Gabe Dawkins and Nigel Henson tied on 35 points, which is good going on this tight little track.

It must have been great to be in Steve Dunns’ four-ball, as one of the best golfers in Pattaya shot level par off scratch to take the win here today.