Stanley scores a double


Jomtien Golf with the IPGC

Monday, Jan. 25, Pleasant Valley – Stableford

It was a very chilly morning here on Monday and a few of the lads were wearing jackets as the first group teed off on the 10th hole 15 minutes ahead of schedule.  It was chaos however as the first group reached the first tee for the back nine, with three groups waiting and another ten or eleven golfers waiting for caddies with no clubs either.  We even had a 15 min protest on the fairway from another golfing group who refused to wait their turn and were eventually evicted by the course marshall.

Howard Stanley.

With the cut coming at 16 and below in the two groups, Finn Olsen returned the best score of the day to win division 2 with 36 points.  Jim Connelly rolled in second after beating Gerard Hulbosch on a 10/9 back-six count back after they both came in with 34 points each.

Per Forsberg topped division 1 with 32 points, one ahead of Terry Madsen in second and with 30 points Jerry Sweetnam took third place.

Near pins went to (Div 1) Jerry McCarthy, Terry Madsen, Jerry Sweetnam and Dave Wheeler, and (Div 2) Josef Kemple and Barry Stirling.

Dave Wheeler birdied the 8th for the only ‘2’ of the day to win the division 1 pot.

Wednesday, Jan. 27, Silky Oak – Stableford

This was our first visit here for some considerable time and we had ten groups of players looking forward to it.

On the first tee we selected to play from the yellow tees and this proved to be a disaster.  At the check-in everyone received an eighteen-hole course guide but nobody noticed the second line down on the sheet, i.e. “if you select the yellow tees there are numerous holes with 185-200 yard carries over water.”  Say no more!

Jim Connelly.

In division 1, Pete Sumner came in with 36 points to win the day ahead of Peter Erikkson in second who beat Kit Parkington on count back, both scoring 35 points each.

Dennis Scougall was the division 2 standout with 37 points while Tim Hake came second on 34 and Chris Slota third with 33.

There was another 37-pointer in division 3 as Howard Stanley topped the podium there, with John McGary taking second with 32 and Loius Wong third on 26.

Near pins were claimed by (Div 1) Dannie Hansen, Niels Viuff, Chris Voller and Dave Wheeler, and (Div 2) John Hughes (2), Ger Lodge and Chris Slota.

David Cadwallader birdied the 16th and Barney Sheedy the 3rd to split the ‘2’s pot in division 1 while in division 2 John McGarry birdied the 6th.

Friday, Jan. 29, Eastern Star – Stableford

It was still very cool for this time of the year but we still had our largest turnout of the week with eleven groups out and the cut set at 7-15, 16-19 and 20+ in division 3.

Barry Stirling.

There were three 38’s in today winning the three divisions: Chris Voller topped division 1 standings, with Mikael Andersson second on 35 and Mark Williams third after beating Arthur Hancock and Peter Erikkson on a back-nine count back, all on 32 points.

Max Wilson was the winner in division 2, with the Swiss boy Volker Suhr second on 35 and Paul Hartley in third with 33.

Howard Stanley headed the division 3 field while Charles Henk needed a count back to take second place over Glyn Evans, both returning scores of 32.

Near pins went to (Div 1) Bill Bertram, Kevin Blake, Jerry Sweetnam and Chris Voller, and (Div 2) Andy Galvin, Bill Kana, Harry Vincenzi and Max Wilson.

After his hole in one two months ago on this hole, Bill Bertram puts his ball eighteen inches away on the third for a ‘2’ and Paul Butler birdied the 13th to share the division 1 pot.  There was another rollover in division 2 to next Friday.