Slow down – you move too fast


Doug Brecht – a USGA official – became golf’s newest hero recently.  The LPGA rules man punished American Morgan Pressel for slow play in the semi-final of a women’s Matchplay while she was playing with the eventual champion, Azahara Munoz of Spain.

In recent weeks Colin Montgomery, Luke Donald, Lee Westwood, Tiger Woods, have all come out in public and said something needs to be done about the problem.  The game is getting slower every year.  Five hours for a round is the norm, which is ridiculous.

Speeding up play is very easy, be ready to play when it’s your turn: 4 hours is approx 13 mins a hole, a minute longer is 4h 18m, 2 minutes 4h 36m, not exact, but it’s easy to see how a minute here and there can add up.  We also have electric carts, which should be speeding up play, and is not.

Many times, playing due to my poor distance, I am first to play, I then have to wait until my partner talks to his caddie, decides which club to use, swings a few times, or decides the group in front are a bit close.  Seeing him play the chances are it’s more likely to snow than his ball getting near them.

Whenever I mention we’re slow, the most popular answer is “We’re not in a race”, or I say, “We’re falling behind” and the answer comes back, ‘It’s OK, were all in the same group”.

Slow play is avoided by keeping up with group in front.  Have good game!


Matt (Jomtien)