Slick greens take no prisoners at Treasure Hill


The Billabong Bar Golf Society

Monday, April 1, The Emerald – Stableford

The venue was Emerald today for our April Fools day out and the greens staff got us really good by not mowing the greens, making it hard work to even get the ball to the hole.  They were not the slippery greens you normally get here, in fact they were as slow as hell, however some players used their drivers while putting and got a reasonable score!  Whilst nobody beat their handicap today at least some managed to play to it.

It was great to see John Khan, Guy Lindsay Watson and Nu playing with us today although Nu was the only one of the three that got into the prizes.  Nu took fourth spot on 34 points while coming in third was another lady, namely Eng Cotterell with 35 points, and in second was Brian Maddox with 36.  Winning on a count back over Brian was Frank Sharkey, also with an even per 36 points.

Once again there were no ‘2’s.

Wednesday, April 3, Green Valley – Stableford

Things are starting to dry up and in urgent need of some rain and Green Valley is no exception; the fairways on some holes here have some extraordinary dry patches that are difficult to hit off, but apart from that it is still a great course to play.

JJ Harney, Bob Philp and Jim Grieve.JJ Harney, Bob Philp and Jim Grieve.

With five groups today we got off to an early start in good conditions as there was a little breeze blowing to cool us down.  Playing a single stableford round the scores were good, with most of the field returning 30 points or more.  Coming in fourth was Frank Sharky with 36 points, losing third spot on a count back to Liz Collier also with 36.  Second place went to Martin Hayes with 37 points and in first was Mark Potten with 38.

There was only one ‘2’ today, from Murray Hart, and it was his first eagle, knocking the ball into the 7th hole for a two.  Great shot Murray – hope there are many more to come!

Friday, April 5, Treasure Hill – Stableford

Treasure Hill was the real winner today; the last time we played here I wrote in our report that the greens hadn’t been cut and they were not the way they normally are to putt on.  Well today the course got its own back as the putting surfaces were like glass – just like you want them to be!  I think everyone struggled because the scores were very ordinary to say the least.

The day was a little hot and the Capt was heard to say that walking around this course is not bad as you always get a breeze.  JJ Harney was to comment after 5 holes, “Where’s the breeze you were talking about?”   We were actually in a pocket surrounded by trees and it was like a sauna, but we kept going and the breeze sprung up again a little further on.

Anyway back to the golf, the scores weren’t the best and there was a 3-way count back on 31 points for first second and third.  The Capt himself topped the podium logjam ahead of Eng Cotterell in second and Liz Collier in third.  Fourth place went to JJ Harney with a magnificent 30 points.

Once again there were no ‘2’s so the spoils went across the bar for drink all round.

Note:  If you are looking for a game with a friendly bunch of golfers give Bob a call on 082 204 3411.