Skip Jefferies’ 39 points takes first place at Phoenix Gold, Pattaya


Pattaya Sports Club Billabong Golf
Monday, 8th Nov.
Phoenix Gold

The thinking Monday at Phoenix Gold golf course was: we are going to get wet. A shower came through as we were playing the third hole, but then it disappeared and the sun came out, making it extremely hot and humid for the rest of the round.

The course was in great condition but Captain Bob was a little unkind to make us play as it lies. That worked well on the Ocean loop, but not on the Mountain loop. Every ball hit from the tee on Mountain ended up with a jockey on it, which made for hard work to play your intended shot.

Having said that, the scoring was indeed something else again with Glyn Davies coming 3rd scoring 37 points. John Seton scored 38 points to take second place. Skip Jefferies scored 39 points to take first place.

There were some hard luck stories about the twos that got away but nobody managed to have one.