Sheedy enjoys winning return


IPGC golf from The Tara Court Golf

Sunday, Jan. 5, Green Valley (white tees)- Stableford

Back at Green Valley for our usual Sunday game. This year it doesn’t seem to be as busy as before and if it stays like that we will be staying on here for the high season.  We got off at our allotted tee time and got around in less than four and a half hours, which is good for this time of year. 

A lot of our friends from Ireland are back now and one of them, Barney Sheedy, on his first game, was the winner today with 38 points.  Tony Pike was second with 37 points and Ger Lodge, who is also just back, was third with 36.  Sean McNamara beat Teddy Lodge and Alec Hoare on a count back to take fourth with 34, while Teddy edged Alec for fifth.

There were four 2’s, coming from Barney Sheedy, Teddy Lodge, John Fetherston and Donal with one each.

1st Barney Sheedy (10) 38pts

2nd Tony Pike (9) 37pts

3rd Ger Lodge (18) 36pts

4th Sean McNamara (11) 34pts

5th Teddy Lodge (9) 34pts

6th Alec Hoare (18) 34pts

Tuesday, Jan. 7, Pattavia Century – Stableford

This course is in beautiful condition and everyone really enjoyed it, so much so in fact that we decided to book it again for next week.  Although it is a long course it didn’t seem to be playing long and even the higher handicappers didn’t seem to have a problem with it.

Barney Sheedy and Fred O’Connor.Barney Sheedy and Fred O’Connor.

Today we had a large number out so we decided to do two flights and in his second game since he came back, Barney Sheedy was the victor again with 37 points in Div 1.  Phil Clerehan took second with 35 and Jack Behan placed third with 34.

In the second division the winner was Leo McCauley, who has also just arrived from my own home town and club in Ireland, with 35 points and in second was Joe Peters with 31.  Pat Culloty filled the podium in third with 29.

There were four 2’s from John McGarry, Joe McArdle, Phil Clerehan and Ted Morris.

Div. 1

1st Barney Sheedy (10) 37pts

2nd Phil Clerehan (14) 35pts

3rd Jack Beehan (16) 34pts

Div. 2

1st Leo McCauley (19) 35pts

2nd Joe Peters (23) 31pts

3rd Pat Culloty (20) 29pts

Thursday, Jan. 9, Bangpra (white tees)– Stableford

Again this course is in beautiful condition with very fast greens which caught out most of our players, but everyone still enjoyed it very much and we will be back again soon.  We had another large group out so decided to do two flights again.

In the top flight Joe McArdle took the honours, getting a birdie on the last for 37 points and beating Tony Pike in to second by one.  John Nicholas, who hits the ball out of sight, took third place on 35 points.

In the second tier the winner was Fred O’Connor, proving that clubs do make a difference as he borrowed a driver for today and then made the podium for what I think was his first ever victory with us.  Well done Fred.  Don’t forget the person who lent you the driver!

In second place was Ger Lodge with 31 points and third was Leo McCauley with 30.

There were three 2’s from Evelyn McNamara, Sean Connolly and Joe McArdle.

Div. 1

1st Joe McArdle (13) 37pts

2nd Tony Pike (9) 36pts

3rd John Nicholas (8) 35pts

Div. 2

1st Fred O’Connor (23) 32pts

2nd Ger Lodge (18) 31pts

3rd Leo McCauley (19) 30pts

Note: The Tara Court Golf Group play every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, leaving O’Gara’s Bar and Restaurant in the Tara Court on Pratamnak  Rd. around 10.00 a.m.  Sign up either in O’Gara’s or ring Joe on 089 249 1364.