Seeing is believing


Pattaya Sports Club Fishing News

After our 4 great trips in January with wonderful weather and good fishing, we were due for a bit of a set-back.

We left Khram Marine Fishing Lodge at the usual time of 07:00 a.m. Feb. 4, on nice calm waters but an hour and a quarter later as we rounded the last island we encountered, not rough seas but, quite heavy swells.  I appeared to be the only one affected by the swell, so possibly the day before in Ban Chang could have had a contributing effect.  Nevertheless it was considerably more difficult in holding our feet and bracing against the side rails whilst fishing.

The anglers enjoy a beer while swapping stories of the ones that “got away”. The anglers enjoy a beer while swapping stories of the ones that “got away”.

The lack of fish being caught didn’t help our mood, as by noon we only had a handful of fish each.  Fortunately, following a tide change, the fish improved their attitude and began biting with a vengeance.  Our three new members, Palmer, Robert (Lek) and Robert (Yai) who were having serious doubts about our claims of 6–10 kilos per person each trip suddenly realized we were telling the truth.  We  managed to catch 11 or 12 of the 1½-2 kilo blue spotted cod and good hauls of our usual pan-sized snapper, brown cod (bigger than usual), yellow tail and grouper.  And all were more than satisfied with their day’s take home bags.

We extend a warm welcome to our 3 newcomers and wish “Big” Robert good luck with his trip to Belgium for medical reasons and a quick return to the Land of Smiles.

We still have vacancies for our next trip on Saturday 18 and for Thursday 23 Feb.