‘Second-Hand’ Bob in the pink


The Backyard Golf Society

The Backyard Golf Society lads had a solid hit-out at Emerald last Friday, Feb. 7.  Our biggest outing for some time, if not ever, saw 5 groups tee off and caused the poor old starter to do a double-take.

Leading the way today – and inspired by the cute caddy’s pink underwear – was ‘Second-Hand’ Bob whose 41 points blitzed the field and left the winner shocked when he had to fork out for 15 drinks down the road later.  Actually, with silver teapots fetching a great price up Bangkok way, Bob had no problem celebrating his first ever victory with the group.

‘Second-Hand’ Bob (center) celebrates his win with the staff at Blue Sky Bar.‘Second-Hand’ Bob (center) celebrates his win with the staff at Blue Sky Bar.

Near-pin on the 15th went to ‘Passport Control’, now happily re-united with Irish, at least for a while.  We do hope that some day he will get around the 18 without complaining about his handicap.

With 17 players, skins are always going to be hard to win but we did see ‘Second-Hand’ winning 3 including the rollovers from the previous week, Passport Control won 5, Diet Whiskey won 1 and The Biss won, 2, with 6 carried over to next week’s game.

A couple of new players today means we are now getting a good turn-out but it is playing havoc with the Michelle’s attempt to make up the groups in advance.  Her intricate method to arrange the tee-offs were all for naught when Golden Trowel’s last minute sick-note arrived at the first tee.  So now she has decided to draw names from a hat, which means she has to now buy a hat.  Oh the travails of being the woman in charge!