Sea-Fishing with Pattaya Sports Club


Our first trip for November on Saturday 3rd departed from Sattahip Pier following relocation of the Khram Marine boat from Bang Saray.  Around this time each year the tides and winds in Bang Saray necessitate the move to new waters in Sattahip for about 2 months.

As in prior years, we found the fish to be somewhat larger in these waters.  Two large sweet-lip cod around 3 kilos were caught, one by Adrian as shown in the photo.  The usual grouper, yellow tail, snapper and pla daeng were plentiful but, being larger in size, all our bag catches were a bit heavier than usual, in the main 6 to 8 kilos each.

Adrian with his prize catch.Adrian with his prize catch.

The fishing conditions were ideal all day making 5 trips straight we have reveled in calm waters and blue skies.

On Saturday 8th November, our group set out from Sattahip Pier at 07:00 hours in mirror-like waters – not a ripple to be seen.  The skies were blue with occasional clouds, the winds were light and we were eagerly awaiting a great day’s fishing.

It was a mixed day, however; as 2 hours after departure storm clouds gathered and soon it was raining.  Not heavily fortunately and 10 minutes later the rain disappeared and conditions were excellent for the remainder of the day.

No big cod were caught but many large snapper, yellow tail and grouper around ½ to 1 kilo were landed.  Two or three of the group had mediocre catches of 2 to 4 kilos whereas the remainder of us had good bag catches of 6 to 10 kilos.  I proclaimed myself champ for the day with 14 kilos (after scaling and cleaning).

Our next 2 trips on 17 and 22 November are fully booked.