Scurrell signs off with forty at Phoenix


Jomtien Golf with the IPGC

Monday, May 28, Pattana – Stableford

A confirmed game here now every three weeks until late September and a favourite course with many of our players.  We arrived as always too early and we teed off 20 minutes ahead of schedule on the allocated B and C courses.

There were a few murmurs on the first tee that the white tees were a trifle difficult so the consensus was to play the yellows.  We will revert back to our original white tees for our next game here.

Alan Pilkington, Pete Sumner and Chris Voller at Pattana. Alan Pilkington, Pete Sumner and Chris Voller at Pattana.

Thirty eight points was the best score of the day, coming from Alan Pilkington who topped the podium in division 1, beating arch rival Pete Sumner on a 21/19 back nine count back.  Chris Voller with 37 points finished third.

Kari Aarnio won division 2 with 33 points, beating Ian Hart on a 16/15 back nine count back and back from Austria, Pepo Frich was third on 31.

Chris Voller birdied the 7th on the B course to secure the only ‘2’ in division 1 while there were three rollovers in division 2 from Crystal Bay, Green Valley and Greenwood, plus today’s game, and in his last game with us before his return to Manila, Rod Howett’s son Tony birdied the 2nd on the C course and Kari Aarnio did likewise as they shared the pot.

Near pins went to Al Keith (2), Chris Voller (2), Kari Aarnio, Rod Howett, Terry Redding and Burnie Sinclair.

Wednesday, May 30, Phoenix – Stableford

The Ocean course has now been shut for nine weeks owing to a new greenkeeper here trying to improve each nine over the next few months, so we were playing the Lakes and Mountain nines again today.

It was a pleasant day with quite a few clouds around and a possibility of rain later.  We had six four-balls out and the course was almost deserted as we teed off.  The greens have improved since we were here three weeks ago and all the lads were impressed.

Playing off 12 now after a two shot reduction over the past two months, Neville Scurrell won with 40 points, beating Kari Kuparinen (now off 5) on a 20/19 back nine count back.  Chris Voller was third with 38.

Pepo Frich topped division 2 with 38 points, while Ian Plummer was second after beating Sid Ottaway on a 19/16 back nine count back, both coming in with 36 points.

Near pins were claimed by Andy Baber, Alan Pilkington, Neville Scurrell, Pete Sumner, Sid Ottaway, Terry Redding and Bryan Rought.

There were no ‘2’s in division 1 so a rollover to Green Valley on the 11th and Terry Redding birdied the 8th on the Mountain course for the only ‘2’ in division 2 today.

Friday, June 1,Eastern Star – Stableford

Another six groups out today and the first group, a three-ball, teed off at nine o’clock on the dot and returned to the clubhouse bang on midday. There was nobody here and all the other groupings enjoyed a perfect round. It was coolish here for the front nine but at the turn it soon warmed up.

Toi was not playing today so Darryl Blair was out with the lads and won division 1 with 37 points.  Frank Kelly was second one point behind and Bill Bertram took third, beating Mikael Andersson on an 18/17 back nine count back after they both came in with 33 points.

After 21 points on the front nine and three months in the doldrums, the organiser returned a score of 35 to win division 2, Ian Plummer was second on 34 and Pepo Frich was in third with 33.

Near pins went to Frank Kelly, Jon Lay, Pete Sumner, Chris Voller and Brian Blackford.

Only one person today on the green on all par threes in division 2 for nearest the pin – a welcome return to Brian Blackford.

Frank Kelly birdied the 13th for the only two in division 1 today, while a rollover ensues to Eastern Star on Monday in division 2.

Another few faces disappeared this week; Frank Kelly is back to Ireland for 3 months, Neville Scurrell has taken his beloved Ya Ya on a month trip to Europe visiting Antwerp, Paris and Vienna and Terry Redding has taken Albert back to Oz for a month before his return to Chang Mai in four weeks to see his lovely caddy Air.

Our thoughts here from all of us at Jomtien Golf are with Kari Aarnio who returned to Finland this past week.  We hope to see you and Gai back soon.