Scribe’s triumph at Phoenix


Phoenix Tuesday/Friday Golf Group

Friday, Feb. 10, Phoenix – Stableford

Yes folks, twas I (the scribe) who managed to score 36 points today to win from Ted Oreton with the same score but losing on count back and Landis Brooks in third with 33 points and then in joint fourth were Bill Hewitt and Clive Robinson also with 33 points.

However the whole day was spoiled by the very poor management of the Phoenix Golf Club.  They fell into the trap of allowing far too many tour company customers to totally dominate both caddies and carts thus making all tee times at least 40 to 45 minutes late.

Tuesday’s winners with the staff at The Relax Bar. Tuesday’s winners with the staff at The Relax Bar.

Some players were allowed to go out on carts with only one caddy between two players for a while, until other caddies became available.  Sadly we were told the same thing happened on Saturday 11th, and we also experienced the same problem on Sunday 12th.  Disgraceful!  Both days took almost 6 hours to complete the round of golf.

Most players were far too exhausted to enjoy the amber nectar after the game and went home early.  (Or late that is).

Tuesday, Feb. 14, Phoenix – Stableford

The first thing we did today was welcome Hugh Byrne back into the group after a long illness and two operations.  Gee whiz what a lot of us would do to look as slim as he does.  However we would not have wanted to go through what he has to achieve it.

The first thing Hugh requested was that because of his illness he should be given some shots back to increase his handicap.  I have to advise anyone who suggests such a request that they will get the same answer that Hugh got.  I am afraid that I do not think the editors of the newspapers will print what the answer was but the second word ended with two ‘FF’s’.

As you can see in the photo he looks pretty good.  Also you will notice Patrick Browne up to his usual tricks with the girls.  Pity he and Kobijashi (far left) did not combine the shirt and shorts.  Would have been a lovely match.

Onto the course today, which in total contrast to the weekend was almost empty.  The game today took no more than about four and a half hours to complete.

Sadly for Hugh, Richard Baldwin spoiled the party for him with a fine 37 points to win first place and the KPK Food Services Voucher.  Hugh Byrne claimed second place with 35 points, thus proving that the decision not to give him any shots back was the correct one.  Watch out for major improvements when he is fully fit.  Bill Hewitt and Patrick Browne tied third place with 34 points.

Near pins went to Bill Hewitt, Denis Dixon, Bong & Goort Gelten.

The lucky draw prizes donated by The Relax Bar at Ban Amphur went to Joris, Kobiyashi, Louis McConkey, Peter Wathall & Davis Czernie, who claimed the free massage.

Next week we play for the Trattoria Italiana voucher which is a stroke play tournament.  For more information regarding golf with the group or sea fishing trips call me on 087 091 7565.