Scribe scores successive wins


PSC golf from Tropical Bert’s

Wednesday, Oct. 31, Burapha – Stableford

Long time no see this course.  We generally have not visited for some time but with the last day of the ‘low season’ upon us we thought we would treat ourselves with a really good course before the rates went through the roof.  And I am informed they will.

So we booked in and an early tee time was our prize, mind, as the course is close we could leave only a little early.  We had a good group go there and we were soon booked in and out to the cart area.  As all players must use a cart we were sure to get around quickly, we hoped, as we noticed the course was packed.  However the test for the day was to be the C & D Nines, a lot different than the other two, and really the more difficult 18 holes.

Max (left) presents the MBMG Golfer of the Month award to Brian Parish.Max (left) presents the MBMG Golfer of the Month award to Brian Parish.

Off we went and we noticed the fairways were reasonable, however the ball did pick up mud, and the rough was somewhere you did not want to be.  You also did not want to be in the bunkers as the sand was deep and to even get out was really difficult, indeed I saw really good sand players needing to smoke a Hamlet.

However the greens were generally good and I have to admit that after weeks of playing badly, for some reason I was inspired by an enjoyable round and shot my best round for months.  But would it be good enough?  So after a reasonably swift round it was into the showers and into the restaurant.

A quick return to Bert’s saw us back early for a change and we had time to breathe and have a cold one and a bite to eat, then into the results.  In the A Flight, 0 to 18, the scribe held on, so the winner with a fine 43 points was Derek Brook ahead of Brian Parish with 39 points in second and Mashi Kanata in third with 38 points.

In the B Flight the scores were not as good with Barry Oats winning with 36 points ahead of Daryl Evans in second with 34 points and Graham Buckingham in third with 33 points.

This was also the MBMG Group Golfer of the Month, and after many recounts the winner was Brian Parish, well done Brian.  We then had time to reflect on a great day.

Near Pins:  Henry Wong, Johnny Guarnes, Jim Larsen, Brian Gabe

Friday, Nov. 2, The Emerald – Stableford

With the Friday leader still not well, it fell to the scribe to step into the gap, ably assisted by, and thanks to Daryl Evans.  This being the first day out of the ‘high season’ it was interesting to see how the course was and how many groups were playing.  So quite surprisingly off we went with a little reduced group as some seem to be awaiting the great price rise.  Mind, the normal escapees from Pattaya were seen to be present and I wondered how many would make their way back to Bert’s after the game.

Double winner Derek Brook with two of ‘Bert’s finest’.Double winner Derek Brook with two of ‘Bert’s finest’.

We were able to get to the tee a bit early and the starter took a look and got us underway.  The course is drying up nicely, so we were allowed carts, but there are still areas where it remains soggy and there is not much run on the ball.

The course being so difficult, in that humps and hollows mean you very rarely get a level lie, means that you have to be on your game to come in with a good score.  There are also the greens which are often way above the approach and are usually long and, in good condition on this day though.  Some people love the course and on this day it provided a fine walk around.

The scribe after his good round on Wednesday wondered if he could keep up his good form and despite some really amazingly bad shots he recovered well.  So we would see how the rest played and most reports were of a very mediocre day, indeed on first report there was hope for me yet.

Back at Bert’s nice and early, we were a small group, and as some trickled in others disappeared.  The winner of the single flight with 41 points was the scribe, playing off his highest handicap for years (obviously a matter that will be rectified shortly)  Bob Watson took second with 37 points ahead of Henry Wong in third with 32 and in fourth was Mick Coghlan with 31 points.

So with the second win in three days it was time for the scribe to buy a drink for the golfers, fortunately with so few there it was a cheap round.  T.T.F.N.

Near Pins:  Randy, Landis Brooks, Derek Brook