Scott shoots low numbers at Eastern Star


PSC golf from Tropical Bert’s

Tuesday, Feb. 12, Eastern Star – Stableford

We had not been here for some time, but on the back of some good reports and of course a special deal, we decided to nip down there and give it a go.  The latest news we had was that the greens had been sanded and thus were not at their best.  So with a full number of players and of course our discount vouchers it was off to Eastern Star.

You are reminded when you get here of what a fine facility this is.  The clubhouse is imposing and the book-in was very easy.  One of the things I particularly like is that you can see the restaurant from the balcony and thus see where your friends are.  Many courses have the restaurant upstairs with a fine view of the course, but I do like this configuration.

Tuesday’s top four with one of Bert’s finest.Tuesday’s top four with one of Bert’s finest.

Soon on the first tee we were reminded of how scenic the course could be and how difficult.  After deciding that most players wanted to play off the easier yellow tees, ‘The Committee’, or ‘Organiser’ decided the day should be played off the white tees; after all it made me feel better and ensured the scores would be low.

So off we went and it was soon apparent the greens were newly sanded and not in top condition.  It was also windy and the rough was really difficult to get out of.  You get the picture, really tough day out, mind it is always a ‘pleasure’ to be deflated by a golf course.  I wondered how the rest were getting on.

Back at Bert’s and in the results it was noted that apart from one ‘spoilsport’ all the players were given a bit of a lesson.  But you always get one!

In the A Flight, 0 to 18, the one player who beat the course and won was Max Scott with 39 points, and an even gross 72.  Then we came to those who put a smile of satisfaction on my face, all the rest.  Second was Mashi Kaneta with 32 points and in a count back on 30 points in third was Mike Gaussa ahead of John Binns in fourth.

So to the B Flight, and who knows I may be there shortly, and the winner was Jack Robertson with 34 points ahead of a count back on 31 points that saw Pauline Elphick in second and Brian Gabe in third.  In fourth was Don Carmody.

Mind, does not say much for the ‘Organiser’ when his name is not even mentioned!

This is a course that deserves respect; we even had a really low handicapper who had 5 points on the back nine.  Let the greens settle down and it will be well worth a visit, play well here and you will leave with a feeling of accomplishment.

Near Pins:  David Nicholson, Bob Watson, Mark West, Max Scott.

Long Putts:  John Harrison, Joel Flor.