Scott reigns supreme at Khao Kheow


PSC golf from Tropical Bert’s

Tuesday, June 4, Khao Kheow – Stableford

The question when we were asked when we got back was ’Did it rain?’ and the answer was yes, it absolutely poured it down, and we got soaked.  You tend to forget that it does chuck it down here at times after months of hot weather, and you hope it will not be on you, but we suspected it might be when we booked in and were told that there were no carts allowed off the path as it had rained for days on end at the course.  However, we are always optimistic.

So after booking in, off we went on the test for the day, the A & C Nines.  I suspected that was what we would play as the B Nine is dug up at the moment.  There is however a lot of progress and B9 looks close to completion.

Max Scott & Daryl Evans.Max Scott & Daryl Evans.

Back to the golf, and the A nine was soaked but we splashed on but it soon became obvious that the storm clouds were gathering.  As we started A6 it started to rain and we soon had to make a dash for the rest stop, which was packed.  It rained really hard for quite a while, but as soon as we were able we got underway again.

The course by this time was soaked, but we had paid the green fee so we battled on.  It soon got hot and humid and underfoot was a bit, well a lot, sloshy, but we did not have to rush as we found ourselves behind a few five-balls.  Still, the course was playable and the greens not too bad, and as it was ‘lift clean and place’ we could at least play with a clean ball.

It was a long round and we finished wet and a few were a bit upset at the slow pace, still, a great day out.  So into the changing rooms and a good shower soon put us right for a bite to eat in the restaurant.  The food is pretty good here and the view is fine.  Then it was into the cars and back to Bert’s.

Back at Bert’s it was soon time for the presentation.  In the A Flight, 0 to 19, the winner was Max Scott with 38 points ahead of Derek Brook in second with 37 points.  Taking third was Brian Parish with 36 points.

Brian Parish, Henry O’Brien and Mark West.Brian Parish, Henry O’Brien and Mark West.

In the B Flight we saw the difference a difficult day on the course can have and how it can affect the results.  The scores in the B Flight were not as good but you only have to beat the rest to win.  The winner was Daryl Evans with 32 points on count back over Geoff Bracegirdle.  In third was Mick Coglan with 30 points ahead of Max Bracegirdle and Paul Alford.

Near Pins:  Paul Sharples, Max Scott, Mashi, Brian Parish

Friday, June 7, Treasure Hill – Stableford

A small group gathered to go to the course and with this being the ‘Low Season’ I am never surprised by how many turn up: It ranges from overfull when players wake up, to just a few when the majority decide to stop in bed!

One of the good things about a relatively small group is that it is easy for the ‘organiser’ to run things.  Also there seems to be a lighter atmosphere, give me 3 or 4 groups anytime to 6 or 7 groups.  So into cars and off we went, to arrive and find that the course was not packed out.  So a quick change and onto the first tee.

This course is in good condition at the moment and has had a lot of work done on it over the last few months.  Several trees are where they did not used to be and make a difficult course much harder.  However, the greens were not particularly fast on the day.

Round over and after a shower, it was into the restaurant which produces good food at a good price.  Then it was into cars and realise on the way home that we had not had a rain stoppage all day, lucky us!

Back at Bert’s and into the presentation and the scores showed that the course had won.  The winner with 35 points was Brian Parish ahead of Henry O’Brien in second with 32 points.  Mark West took third with 31 points on count back over John Harrison in fourth.

Then as is usual, we sat and had a few.  T.T.F.N.

Near Pins:  Mashi Kaneta, Mark West, Dick Warberg, Mike O’Brien