Schramm shoots medal winning score at Eastern Star


Jomtien Golf with the IPGC

Monday, Dec. 24, Green Valley – Stableford

It was Christmas Eve and with nine groups booked in we surprisingly got another eight names overnight and we hoped this would not cause any problems when we got to the course.  The car park was almost full upon arrival and a few panic modes set in.  Luckily the group in front was 15 minutes ahead of schedule so this caused the efficient starters here no problem at all with our start list.

There were three divisions out with the cut at 6-14, 15-19 and 20+ in division 3.  Playing off 6 and with a gross 39 on the front nine and 35 on the back, Kari Kuparinen won Division 1 with 40 points.  Well done Kari!  Simon Kendall off 7 was second with 37 points and Mike Chatt took third on 34.

Mauri Friman’s 35 points won Division 2, with Paul Butler beating Nick Pay on a 19/18 back nine count back for second after they both came in with 33 points.

Rick Schramm, Wichai and Chris Voller. Rick Schramm, Wichai and Chris Voller.

There were no count backs to worry about today for Burnie Sinclair as it was Xmas and he topped the third division with 33 points.  Iain Walsh was second two points behind and Mike Fitzgerald placed third with 30.

Near pins went to Mike Chatt, Wilf Latham, Jerry Sweetnam, Kari Aarnio, Mauri Friman, Erkki Pohja and Burnie Sinclair.

In the ‘2’s, Mike Chatt birdied the 16th to scoop the pot in Division 1 and in Division 2 it was all to play for at Greenwood on Wednesday.

Wednesday, Dec. 26, Greenwood – Stableford

It was the morning after the night before and obviously there were going to be a few no shows today which we expected and we ended up with two divisions.  We were allocated the C and A courses and the equal cut was 9-18 and 19+.

The consensus after the round here today was more of the same please and we will come back here in a few weeks time.

Teaching in China and with a few weeks holiday, the Aussie boy Chris Reed won Division 2 with 40 points ahead of Mauri Friman in second five points behind and the English lad, living in Holland with his Dutch lady Herma, was third with 32 points, well done Mike Fitzgerald.

Howard Stanley and Michael Dige. Howard Stanley and Michael Dige.

Kari Aarnio’s 35 points gave him Division 1 honours, with Jean Morel second on 32 and Mike Combs beat Ger Lodge on a 16/16 and 13/11 back six count back for third.

Near pin prizes were collected by Lindsay Phillips, Chris Voller and Ger Lodge (2).

Roar Berger scored the only birdie ‘2’ of the day to scoop the pot in Division 2.

Friday, Dec. 28, Eastern star – Stableford

There were a few cancellations overnight and several ‘no shows’ in the morning but in the end we still had eight groups go out today.

In one of his twice yearly visits here after living up north in Chang Rai most of the year, and playing off 5, Michael Dige won Division 1 with 36 points after beating Chris Voller on a back nine count back of 19/18.  Karl Flood came in third, beating Jerry Sweetnam on a 17/14 count back after they both return scores of 32.

Joe Kubon, Rodney and Billy Fitzgerald. Joe Kubon, Rodney and Billy Fitzgerald.

The Division 2 winner was Howard Stanley with 35 points while Joe Kubon was second with 31 and it is too embarrassing to mention the third place winner with 30 points.  No names mentioned but an early contender on the 13th today for nearest the pin walked off with a blob, we will say no more.

Near pins went to Mikael Andersson, Jerry Mc Carthy, Andy Baber, Roar Berger, Joe Kubon and Nick Pay.

Michael Dige birdied the third to win the ‘2’s in Division 1 and there were four rollovers in Division 2 to the following Friday at Eastern Star.

Monday, Dec. 31, Eastern Star – 2-person medal scramble

One of our fun days of the month and there were 52players (26 teams) out in a two-person scramble, one person from Division 1 (1-16) and one from division 2 (17+) with many prizes up for grabs.

The course here still needs improvement on the 13th and 18th greens and we have asked the management to install temporary greens on these holes.

It was a warm day with a gentle breeze coming from the east and not from the coast.  It was a 30% combined handicap allowance and each player had to record 7 drives each.

Don and Nut Head won the competition with 62 points ahead of Marty Rock and Nick Pay in second with 62.3, Cully and Josie Monks third with 63.2, Kari Kuparinen and Mauri Friman fourth (63.8), Martin Grimoldby and Dave Thomas in fifth (65.2) and taking sixth place was the pairing of Michael Healey and Ger Lodge.

Individual nearest the pins went to (3rd) Miss Nut, Jim Connelly and Ger Lodge, (6th) Kari Kuparinen and Rod Howett, (13th) Alan Pilkington and Bob Poole, (17th) Pranee Bosset, Alan Pilkington and Dave Thomas.

Straightest drive awards on the 9th were won by Miss Nut, Billy Fitzgerald and Ger Lodge and the longest drives on the 18th were recorded by Miss Nut and Kari Kuparinen.

Team technical prizes were awarded as follows: 2nd hole nearest the pin in 2 shots – Paul Butler and Mike Fitzgerald; 8th hole nearest the pin in 3 shots – Kari Kuparinen and Mauri Friman; 11th hole nearest the pin in 3 shots – Alan Pilkington and Ken Priddy; 12th hole nearest the pin in 2 shots – Kari Kuparinen and Mauri Friman.

Team ‘2’s were recorded by Karl Flood and Paul Chabot; Kari Kuparinen and Mauri Friman; Michael Healey and Ger Lodge; Miss Nut and Don Head; David Stewart and Burnie Sinclair; Josie and Cully Monks; Billy Fitzgerald and Gordon Everingham; Martin Grimoldby and Dave Thomas; Alan Pilkington and Ken Priddy.

Wednesday, Jan. 2, Eastern Star – IPGC Monthly Medal

Two divisions today; a medal round in Division 1 (1-12) and for the rest of the field a stableford competition.

Playing off 8, Rick Schramm shot 78 to win division 1 with a net 70 to finish ahead of Wichai Tannunsorn in second on net 76 and after no placing on Monday, Chris Voller took third on net 77.

Joe Kubon took the top podium position in Division 2, beating Rodney Howett on a 17/15 back nine count back after they both scored 32 points, and for third place there were four scores of 31 and in a back nine count back of 20/17/17/15, Billy Fitzgerald beat Alan Flynn, Jerry Sweetnam and Paul Butler.

The presentation and the buffet was held at Siam Cats in Jomtien and many thanks to Jules for the food.

Friday, Jan. 4, Eastern Star – Stableford

Another good turnout with 13 groups, so there were three divisions and the cut was 7-13, 14-18 and 19+.

The best score off the day came in Division 1 with Marty Rock winning with 38 points.  Bill Bertram took second on 35 and Ted Lodge was third one point behind.

Jerry McCarthy was the winner in Division 2 with 36 points and with his best game since his return from the UK, Howard Stanley shot 35 to come second while Nick Pay was third with 34.

Not so high scores in Division 3 with Iain Walsh beating Fred O Connor 11/8 on a back 6 count back for first place after they both came in with 31 points.  In third place with 30 was Pepo Frick who beat Mike Corney on a 12/10 back six count back.

In the ladies contest Yuzza Reginiussen was the winner with 29 points.

Near pins went to John Chambers, Billy Fitzgerald, Ted Lodge, Pepo Frick, Fred O’Connor and Jill Stanley.

Mikael Andersson birdied the 3rd and Ted Lodge the 17th to share the 1st division ‘2’s pot while in division 2 there are 5 rollovers now to next Friday.

At the presentation, after eight weeks in hospital and four weeks convalescing at home being looked after his wife Nom, Ken Foster returned to Siam Cats and there was applause all round.  It’s bon voyage to David Taylor who was flying back to Southampton to catch a six week cruise liner trip around South America.  Life’s a b**ch eh?