Sasicha wins with 40 points


It was a day of halves today with clear sky’s when we started to dark clouds after nine holes and a storm of storms behind the clouds. The scribe took to the club house for a nice lunch while the golfers endured the storm. From a safe seat in the club house the lightening striking the pin on the practice putting green was something to see. Thankfully, all the guys finished and were safe under cover for the duration of the rain.

Playing the Mountain and Ocean loops at Phoenix Gold golf course with three groups playing, it was a leisurely round of golf. Even with the stop for the weather it was still only 4 and a half hours.

The course was in great condition even with the amount of rain it has had and though the mowers can’t get to some places on the course it was a tough day out for some players.

The scoring was quite good considering there was no run where the ball landed it stayed but we did play winter rules. There were three two’s coming from Dave Bramley, Adam Hewson and Sasicha Duangkham.

There was a count back for the minor placings between Dave Bramley and Sandy Chapo with Dave taking third spot and Sandy second both on 37 points. They were overshadowed by Sasicha who scored 40 points to take the winner’s trophy, and who promptly brought everyone a drink.