Sasicha single handedly took her husband and friend apart


PSC Golf from the Billabong

Phoenix Gold on Monday the 11th and the course was empty on the front nine Mountain, but when we got to the Lakes there were 6 groups waiting to tee off. Mountain was exactly the same but after a call to the management it was decided to open the Ocean loop for the Billabong so we could continue in relative calm.

From all here at the Billabong we would like to extend our most sincere thank you to the staff because this loop was closed for the day, and since no drink stops were open a little lady came out on a cart with an icebox full of cold drinks for the crew. That was fantastic but there would have been no complaints.

The course was in great condition. Even though we were warned it might be a little rough in places it really was great to play it.

A challenge was played with Sasicha and the cripple (Capt. Bob) playing against Sandy Chapo and Phin Stewart. It turned out to be a no contest as the lovely Sasicha single handedly took her husband and friend apart with no help from the Capt.

The scoring was average with Thiery Petrement’s 33 points taking 4th spot. There was a count back for 3rd and 2nd between Steve Dodd and Dave Bramley with Steve taking 3rd and Dave taking 2nd. There was a lot of ground between these scores and the actual winner, Miss Sasicha, who took the top spot with a fine 42 points off her 18 handicap.
There were no twos recorded.